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Vivian Mizzi
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Vivian Mizzi
Are you tired of looking for answers to your health problems? Perhaps its time to try a revolutionary method of healing, the first of its kind in Australia! Vivian Mizzi, who has recently returned to Australia from the United Kingdom brings with her a vast array of knowledge that combines Homoeopathic healing and Dowsing, (Radiethesia).

Vivian Mizzi

Prior to becoming a Dowser, Vivian achieved a Degree as a Homoeopath at Regentsí College in central London, before proceeding to study under the guidance of internationally renowned healer and Dowser, Jack Temple, who was personal consultant to members of the Royal Family such as the late Diana, Princess of Wales, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and model, Jerry Hall.

The difference between traditional Homoeopathic procedures and Vivianís treatments is that the remedies are not only not administered orally but instead are applied to Acupuncture points and Meridian lines located on the patientís body. All remedies, specifically designed with the aid of a Radionic's machine, will resonate with the patientís energy field bringing about a gentle return to health.

Her treatments use preparations from natural sources and incorporate the use of Bach flower remedies, herbs, elemental compounds, gemstones and vitamins. These are employed both singularly and in combination form to treat the patient on all levels i.e. mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Her knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology enables her to employ intuitive skills of healing with the aid of a pendulum to counteract the bodyís disorders. These may range from sleep disorders, skin and muscular problems, menstrual and digestive upsets and deeper emotional states such as depression, anxiety, trauma and grief. Ultimately these conditions may lead to a manifestation of physical symptoms which prevent the person from moving on and living a truly fulfilling life.

Vivian Mizzi can be contacted on 0423 845 944

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