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Children hypnotherapy - how it can improve the life of your child.

Dr. Soul - Child Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for children has a wide range of benefits and is able to change the life of your child leaving them with a life they are excited for as opposed to one that they dread. Children enjoy the process and respond well to hypnotherapy suggestions. It is not uncommon for children to report hypnotherapy as an enjoyable experience where results come surprisingly quickly. Throughout a hypnotherapy session children will see results in a happy and healthy way.

The Benefit of child hypnotherapy as opposed to counselling

Choosing between the two is an important decision which you should arrive at after careful consideration and you should take into account all the factors involved in your decision. Children hypnotherapy provides your child with the ability to imagine and to visualise a life without worries and this will eventually help them reach a perspective where the world is one big happy place as opposed to than one that is filled with stress, anxiety and worries. Child counselling is different in that is does not utilise hypnotherapy and instead relies on individual consultation with a counsellor. Thus your choice of counsellor is integral as their perspective will rub off on your child even slightly.

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