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Dr. Soul - Stop Smoking

If you have ever attempted to quit smoking I am sure that you have tried everything under the sun, going cold turkey, patches, gum and various courses. If none of these have worked for you and you are desperately searching for something that truly works, quit smoking hypnosis is an amazing tool for overcoming the horrible addiction to nicotine.

Thorough NLP hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions, can help you to overcome your smoking habit and quit for the rest of your life! Through the power of hypnotherapy and your own determination you are truly able to kick the habit.

Your subconscious mind is able to be re-programmed to prevent you to succumbing to nicotine cravings, reducing your stress levels and to better come to terms with being around other smokers.

We all know that cancer is a major and deadly cause of illness… and smoking is a contributing factor that can lead to disease in your lungs. However, did you realise that smoking actually affects every part of your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes? Smoking has a number of health affects across your entire body, from your ski, to your brain, your stomach and your eyes and more.

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