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North Rocks NSW 2151

Servicing area: Picnic Point & North Rocks NSW

Unleash your body’s power to heal on its own through our natural, holistic methods.

Access Consciousness Bars, Naturopathy, Remedial Stone Fusion, Etc.

Holistic Healing Therapies

Dragonfly Natural Therapies Centre specialises in alternative therapies and supports individuals in North Rocks NSW who are looking at improving their health through natural methods.

My treatments focus on energy enhancement, prevention of illness, nutrition and age defying, just to name a few.

Access Consciousness Bars

This form of therapy focuses on healing the energy. It involves clearing thought patterns in your head that restrict your abilities. Our session guarantees relaxation and mental clarity, allowing you to handle stress better and look at situations from a fresh perspective.

Cost: $100 for 60 – 90 mins

Access Energetic Facelift

A non-invasive treatment for rejuvenation, Access Energetic Facelift works on the face and neck to clear signs of aging.

Cost: $150 for1.5 hr


This holistic treatment is tailored to meet the individual needs of each person. It underscores the importance of treating the root cause of an ailment as opposed to providing temporary remedy to the symptoms.

Initial Consultation: $100 for 1 -1.5 hrs 
Follow-up Consultations: $100 for 1hr / $60 for 30min

Remedial Massage

This massage technique relaxes the body and heals the circulatory and lymphatic systems by easing muscle contractions. It helps treat sports-related injuries and stress.

Cost: $60 for 30min, $100 for 60min, or $135 for 90min

Remedial Stone Fusion

When you fuse remedial massage and hot stone therapy, you get this wonderful treatment that improves blood circulation, relieves stress and muscle pain, and relaxes the body, mind and spirit.

Feet - $60 for 30mins 
Neck, Back and Shoulders - $110 for 60mins 
Neck, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs, Feet, Hands and Face - $140 for 90mins


Here’s a holistic healing modality that uses life force energy to balance the flow of energy within your body and allow your body to heal on its own. Reiki promotes relaxation, mental clarity and pain relief. 

Cost: $60 for 30 min, $100 for 60 min and $135 for 90min

Herbal Medicine

This age-old medicinal practice helps treat many health disorders, including anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, bronchitis, acne, benign prostatic hyperplasia, arthritis, eczema, fluid retention, glue ear and irritable bowel, just to name a few.

Initial Herbal Medicine Consultation: $100 for 60 mins 
Follow-up Consultation: $60 for 30min 


Iridology cannot treat an illness, but it may preempt one from developing because it can detect symptoms of an ailment at its earliest stage.

Initial consultation: $100 for 60 mins 
Follow-up Consultations: $60 for 30 mins 

Crystal Healing & Energetic Medicine

Crystal Healing & Energetic Medicine is a therapeutic method that balances the flow of energy within your body to increase your focus or concentration. It’s highly recommended for individuals experiencing chronic illness or stress. 

Cost:  $100 for 60 mins

Nutritional Medicine

This treatment addresses imbalances in your body by supplying it with the essential supplements and making the necessary adjustments to your diet. 

Initial Consultation: $100 for 60mins
Follow-up Consultation: $60 for 30min

Flower Essences

We use flower essences to treat emotional or mental disturbances. It promotes mental clarity and increases your vitality for life.


This holistic medicine treats a wide array of conditions, ranging from allergies and chronic coughs and colds to emotional trauma and skin conditions.

Initial Consultation: $100 for 60mins 
Follow-up Consultation: $60 for 30mins


A combination of acupressure, lymphatic drainage and essential oils, this massage technique promotes relaxation, treats digestive orders and relieves stress. 

Cost: $100 for 60 mins

Meditation & Relaxation

This treatment involves breathing exercises and heightened focus to enable you to connect with our inner self. It treats high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, mild depression, irritable bowel, pain, fatigue, headaches and migraine.

Private meditation session: $100 for 60 mins
Group meditation: 1 hrs x 5 weeks (TBA)

Lifestyle/Stress Management

Stress can take a big toll on your health. Through this mode of treatment, we guide you in identifying the stressors in your life, your reaction to them, and your lifestyle patterns. Then we proceed to develop a strategy that aims to change the way you see and react to stress.

Cost: $100 for 60mins 

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