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Sharon Ross

North Rocks NSW 2151

Servicing area: North Rocks, New South Wales

Dragonfly Natural Therapies Centre

Specializing in Holistic and Natural health for women and children for over 15 years. At Dragonfly you will receive inspiration,education and support to achieve your health goals

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Naturopathy is the ‘original medicine’ used by Hipppocrates (The father of modern medicine). He believed in the healing power of natures medicines to stimulate and support the bodys natural ability to heal itself. This same approach today is used with therapies like Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Nutrition, Massage and Aromatherapy to help bring about the balance our bodies need to maintain good health.

As a naturopath I use a wholistic treatment regime which is designed individually for each patient and aim to establish the cause rather than masking the symptoms.


Each part of your body has a corresponding section in the iris. Iridology can help you identify your problem areas and imbalances including nurtitional deficiencies.


An effective therapy of touch , promoting relaxation and healing through stimulation of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, calming your nervous system, releasing tense muscles and restoring your natural energy flow.


Remedial Stone Fusion is an effective bodywork technique incorporating Remedial Massage and Hot Stone Therapy into the one treatment.

This luxurious treatment is conducted with oil and smooth warmed ancient Basalt stones which are rolled and massaged into tense muscle groups improving the circulation of your body. It is deeply relaxing and a wonderful way to destress and relieve tension and muscular pain. Essential oils are chosen and added to enhance your treatment and your individual health needs


This 30 minute foot treatment will deeply relax you, melting away your stress and tension. The warmed stones add an extra element to the healing as they gently work into the reflex points of your feet providing a therapeutic effect felt throughout the whole body.

During the treatment, the hot stones are combined with therapeutic massage techniques and essential oils to free up the joints, relax muscles and improve circulation.


The use of relaxation and meditation techniques such as breathing exercises and guided visualisations to find the peace within.


Following the principle of treating the whole person not the disease, herbal remedies are prescibed on an individual basis to help prevent illness, support your body and mind and restore your bodys balance.


A specialised massage technique using acupressure, lymphatic drainage and essential oils which are chosen to suit your needs, promoting relaxation and balanced health. Aromatherapy is useful for relieving tension, assisting balance during premenstrual times, relief of digestive disorders, treating skin problems, normalising blood pressure and more.


What you are is definitely what you eat!
Nutritional medicine is the treatment of imbalances in the body through supplements and dietary changes to maintain an equilibrium in the bodies biochemistry. This allows optimal functioning of the body systems.


Based on the philosophy of “like cures like”, homeopathy involves treating the person as a whole with a minute dose of an organic substance. The remedy is selected for the individual and acts on mind and body to stimulate the body to heal itself. This gentle form of medicine is suitable for babies, pregnancy and the elderly.


Used since ancient times, the subtle balancing properties of these flowers have a profound healing effect on our emotional wellbeing.

Allowing us to have clarity, strength and enthusiasm to live our lives.
They are useful in assisting healing of deep sadness, anxiety, stress and overwhelm.


A natural healing art utilising the life force energy to balance the bodies own energy flow. Reiki enhances the bodys own ability to heal itself.

People often feel deeply relaxed during the treatment and describe a feeling of inner calm, clarity and a release from pain.


This 30 minute treatment is incredibly relaxing and is ideal for those who experience neck and shoulder tension and general stress.
It is performed in a seated position and incorporates head, neck, shoulders, face and arms.

The practice of Indian Head Massage has been part of Ayurvedic traditional medicine for thousands of years. Today, with our modern day mental and emotional stress , the treatment remains a relevant technique for supporting our health needs.


By identifying stress triggers, how you react to them and unhealthy lifestyle patterns, an individual programme is created to help change the way you perceive and react to stress in your life. Several of the modalities listed above may be involved to support this process and assist in maintaining a healthy body and mind.


Through utilising the natural life force energy that flows around you and through you, adjustments can be made to the subtle energies in your body to balance the flow. This allows you to regain your centre and focus in your life. This is useful for everyone but particularly important in chronic illness and extreme stress.

The recipient is lying down in a relaxed postion and may have crystals placed on and around the body during treatment.

People are often suprised at how much they can feel or sense during an energetic healing and the sense of peace that remains after wards.

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