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Get help to address your phobias, break those emotional loops and relieve stress and anxiety, by having a professioanl Kinesiology session with Irene at Dragonfly Transformations

Dragonfly Transformations - Kinesiology

Why Is a Treatment With Irene Different?

Irene is rather a unique Kinesiologist - although trained as a Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiologist and a Touch for Health Kinesiologist - a session with Irene also includes a lot more specialist Neuro-Linguistic input than is normally offered by kinesiology.

The combination of her advanced NLP training and experience, plus her intuitive knack, results in sessions which are far deeper and often more insightful for her clientle.

Common Issues That Are Addressed

  • Phobias
  • Emotional Loops
  • Workplace Performance Anxiety
  • General Performance Anxiety
  • Stress & Anxiety

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"I came across Dragonfly on the internet while searching for various program options for some troubling experiences I was having in my intimate relationships. The page discussing emotional loops immediately caught my attenton as it randomly flashed across my screen. Needing to know more about the work discussed, but being in the US, I contacted Irene to find if she perchance knew of anhyone who did similar work in North America.

We spoke about goals and processes and decided to give it a run via web-conferencing at a later date. My experience with Irene was nothing short of amazing. Despite the distance (I a in Seattle Washington) her practices quickly dismantled the most prevalent thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that would play out in my intimate relationships. I had spent years in a nunber of different counseling venues, workshops and healing modalities. They had been effective to a small degree over long periods of time.

Still, I had hyet to find anything that would quickly help me move past my troubling thoughts and emotions. Within two weeks of my remote meeting with Irene (we did a session over Skype), my mind had gone fro an almost constant process of fear to a manageable trickle of random thoughs and inquiries. Now, over a month later, I am still free of the persistent thoughts and reactions that have plagued me for most of my adult life. In a short period of time, I have been able to dive deeper into my own experience and re-frame how I show up in my life. As with all things there is more to learn so I definitely look forward to continuing to work with her in the future."

I have a successful business on the central coast. My business partners personal issues recently impacted both our business and me. I found the whole thing very distracting & upsetting & it affected my ability to focus at work and to maintain a civil relationship with my business partner. It also affected my relationship at home with my family. Since I met Irene for her Kinesiology treatment I have overcome those challenges and its all okay now. And it only took 1 session!!

I had suffered with anxiety attacks when in dark places for years. When going to sleep I had to leave on the bedside lamp otherwise I would feel claustrophobic and couldnt breathe. I had counselling sessions but it didnt help. After having one treatment with Irene I am now confident in the dark. Irene also discovered why this had been happening to me and helped me undertand the reasons why as well as give me a cure. Truly amazing!
- Sarah Horner.


Just give Irene a call today or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button, to organise your next Kinesiology session or to discuss the benefits that Kinesiology can bring to your health & wellbeing


Qualification details

  • Masters of Applied Science majoring in Critical Perspectives of Psychological Practice
  • Neuro-Linguistic Kinesology
  • Touch For Health
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master
  • NLP Trainer
  • Life & Business Coach (Cert 4)
  • Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes specialist training
  • Virtual Gastric Banding specialist training
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification
  • Certified Firewalk Leader
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

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