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Dr Anna Banning

Anna Banning

Balmain NSW 2041

Servicing area: Birchgrove & Leichhardt NSW

Dr Anna Banning

Take part in Dr. Banning’s training sessions and learn new healing methods that will benefit your patients and yourself.

Supervision of Registered Clinicians

Providing Reinforcement to Registered Clinicians

Dr Anna Banning is a psychiatrist and an alternative therapy maven in Birchgrove NSW. She has been mentoring groups of registered clinicians composed of psychologists, general practitioners and social workers for over nine years.

She holds meetings with groups of 7 to 8 people on a monthly basis. Her unique approach to therapy combines modern practices with holistic modalities. She took up formal education in child and family psychiatry and trained extensively in psychodynamic and family systems.

Despite her vast knowledge, Dr. Banning welcomes new therapy methods she is consulted for. She considers role-playing a fundamental part of experiential learning and uses it a lot to enliven her training sessions.

To qualify for these trainings, you need to be a licensed clinician and pay a small fee of $60 for a two-hour session. Payment is made in advance, but your first session is free of charge.

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