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Drawing Within Art Therapy and Counselling Services

Ballarat VIC 3350

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Art Therapy Services suitable for Adults

Drawing Within Art Therapy & Counselling Services

Servicing area

Ballarat, Grampians -Victoria

Focus areas

Purpose Professional supervision Sensorimotor art therapy Love Disability support Nurturing

Services Offered

One on One Therapeutic Consultations for Adults

Offering Therapeutic Creative Arts Therapies including Sandplay, for NDIS participants who are Plan managed or Self- managed and also private clients.

These are some examples of Group Art therapy I can facilitate.

(a)Community Expressive Arts Group for Adults  

In 2018, as part of my Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice practicum @ the MIECAT Institute, I facilitated YOU TIME -a Community Arts & Well-being group at a local Ballarat Primary school.

Target Audience
Parents past and present, Grandparents, Guardians, Carers of children @the school 
Wider Community members and folk from neighbouring Ballarat towns
Anyone who loved being arty or creative
Child free, so adults were able to have some “You Time”

What we did each week?
Unwound at the end of the week
All kinds of creative work, had fun experimenting with lots of different art forms
as a way of enhancing personal well- being
Mindfulness/Relaxation, chatted, made new friends, shared morning tea
Went on monthly creative excursions around Ballarat to awaken our senses to creativity and being present.

Some Feedback
" Hi Marie, just wanted to let you know how much I found today’s session such a great experience.
I’m really looking forward to OUR TIME and exploring lots of Art. Also sharing the experience with such nice people.
Have a good week T"- 23.2.18

"Your sessions have reminded me to take some time for myself and tonight the kids and I watched the changing colours of the sunset. So thankyou".- MW 8.2.18.

(b) Supporting those with blindness or low vision

Volunteering in the Ceramics room at Vision Australia Ballarat's Day Program, has given me first hand experience working with those who are blind or have low vision. I am able to sit very comfortably and support them in their art-making especially clay, while also witnessing their stories and transitions from sighted to non- sighted or partial sightedness, or for some being blind since birth.

It is a priviledge to support this resilient and strong group, who often fly under the radar because they just get on with life and don't make a fuss. Like anyone with a significant disability, listening and being present are the cornerstones of building a safe and trust-filled relationship.

I very much welcome NDIS participants or private clients, who are blind or have low vision and would like to explore a creative arts journey with me.

(c) Ageing Gracefully

Creative expression through Art therapy promotes healthy ageing, improves mental health and prevention of depression.

It is important to give people with dementia new opportunities to be creative and try new skills. Learning can take place in a nurturing environment.
When one engages with the arts, mind, body and spirit are connected.

Why the Ageing Gracefully Art Therapy Program works.

This person centred, holistic approach to care, provides creative expression for aged residents in residential care who:

May find it difficult to express themselves through words

Already have an interest in art or being creative

Need the chance to relax, feel calmer, more centred if they can be creative in small groups.

(c) Close to the Bone, Cancer Support

Group work supporting both survivors and carers who have walked the journey with cancer.

Opportunities to share with others who have gone through the same experiences

Time out just to be:renew, recuperate, regenerate

(d) Clients with ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) or complex needs

Personal one on one consultations taken at the client's pace,facilitate the most growth for these clients

Encouraging them to express their buried or unexpressed feelings, through art modalities that they are interested in experimenting with.

(e) Mandalas/ Mask Workshops/ Intensive days

Mask Making -explore the different faces and roles that make up who we are and who we would like to be.

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for sacred circle. Inside the safety of a Mandala, where you draw within the boundary,one can create a repetitive design. It can be a tool for meditation, therapy or to while away time.

Mandalas draw you within, they have a calming and centring effect on whoever does them. After the Mandala is completed, the finished work becomes an instrument for further reflection.
It is an ideal way to combine a love of colour and symbol ,with much needed quiet time in our hectic world.

(f) Women's groups- Refugee or family violence survivors

(g) Presentations, talks and demonstrations on Art therapy to agencies,health and medical providers

Team building and Professional Development days which provide relaxation,problem solving, opportunities to be creative with co-workers.

Clinical Art Based Supervision for Counsellors & Professionals in the Education ,Welfare and the helping sectors- Face to Face or Zoom

I am a registered professional Supervisor with the Australian Counselling Association- College of Professional Counselling Supervisors and have met the following requirements:

Level 4 ACA Member.

Completed ACA Accredited Clinical Supervision Training Course.

Complete 25 Points of ACA approved Ongoing Professional Development per annum of which a minimum of 10 hours must be directly related to Supervision.

I provide Art based supervision to Counsellors, Art Therapists, Sandplay Therapists, Teachers and Case Managers, Support- Coordinators, Disability Support workers, including trainee and beginner counsellors. I work hard to build a supervisory alliance between myself and my supervisees, which is grounded in honesty, trust, openness and professionalism. I provide safety and support for my supervisees and am comfortable with any strong emotions they may have. My ability to be totally present makes my supervision sessions very affirming and nuturing .

As a counsellor/Art therapist and supervisor myself, I fully understand the issues which counsellors and Art therapists face, who live and work in regional and rural cities of Victoria, or other states of Australia. These may include:


Travelling long distances for professional development 

The pitfalls of solo practitioners without peer support

With this in mind I offer an empathic approach to all my supervisees, especially those who are starting out and may be daunted by all the ethical and legal responsibilities practitioners must abide by, or supervisees who just want to touch base about a challenging client.

My goals for a supervision session are to:

  • Listen to my supervisee’s needs
  • Provide Art based techniques and processes to help supervisees explore and set goals
  • Encourage self-reflection
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Build confidence and trust in the supervisory bond, which then transfers to the counsellor /client relationship of the supervisee.

Please note my services are for supervision sessions only, not to train you in Art therapy processes.If you are really interested in Art therapy, I encourage you do some formal study and experiential training, to acquire the necessary skills at either the Miecat Institute Melbourne, Latrobe university or IKON.

I offer:                                                                                                                         

  • I hour face to face, phone and Zoom
  • 2hr group sessions. F-F dependant on current COVID situation.
  • Written authorisation of supervision hours for annual ACA registration.
  • Fees are negotiable



Feedback from and NDIS participant post 20x 1-1 Zoom and Face to face sessions, post Covid 2020.

"Art Therapy helped me with my well-being, stress levels and disability.It made me feel like I was all ok with everything. Marie was there as a therapist through the hard times and COVID was the hardest. She made it easier no matter what it was for me. Together we got through this time by using Zoom and me doing the Art work.

Another NDIS participant after 13 hours of 1-1 Art therapy in 2021

"I feel energised after my sessions.I feel safe and comfortable with you understand me...that I'm not having to constantly go back and explain what I mean when I'm expressing myself.                                                                                        You are perceptive and intuitive in making connections between the verbal and non verbal.


Feedback from Nazareth house Well-being Coordinator for an NDIS participant who had 1-1 Art Therapy

Participating in Art therapy allows our participant to express herself and has lessened her anxiety.She is more willing now to attend other activities, whereas in the past she was resistant.Your sessions have improved her well-being and built a sense of purpose for her to leave her room for a positive experience.


Feedback from parent of adult client with disabilities after 2 years of 1-1 sessions

"In reference to the calm, sandy image I collaged- this represents the calm, peaceful, beautiful space we enjoy when our daughter chooses to be in this space.Thankyou Marie for encouraging this in her, and gratitude for the beauty that can grow out of the cracks".


Wabi Sabi Workop- Seeing Beauty in the broken.

What did you like most about the workshop?

"Creative sharing, feeling vulnerable but safe as well.We learn from each other".LW

 "Time and space to be myself. Connecting to others in an authentic way". CT

Additional comments

"The importance of play and reclaiming positive aspects of childhood".LW

"Great work Marie.You held the space really well and were genuinely caring to each participant".CT


Identity and Mask Workshop

"Thankyou very much for the freedom to create and the opportunity to share.I left feeling better than when I walked in the door".HB

Sacred Hearts workshop
I had some very positive feedback from my therapist about the outcomes of the Sacred Hearts workshop. It really showed both of us that I'm in a stronger place than I was a year ago. There is always work to do and I think that art is such a great and insightful medium. In the past, I had the impression before, that my psychologist was not entirely convinced about art therapy. I think showing him the evidence helped him to change his mind. He was really blown away. AH 29.2.16

Drawing Outside the Lines PD Workshop 19.3.16
 “Thankyou for your support and leadership”-IE 19.3.16

Estrangement PD workshop 29.3.16
 “My first sand tray experiences and the opportunity to journal, were what I liked most in this workshop. Also the Balloon ritual enabled me to let go of many things that I would never have thought were connected, but were.Thank you too for the supervision, validation and your insight. I had a magic day. ”HB 29. 5.16

“Fantastic workshop, the supervision was powerful and informative. Great time keeping.” SD 16.5.15 Feet and Self-Image workshop and Supervision

 “Another beautiful, insightful workshop, can’t wait for the next one. Thankyou.” -AM 18.7.15 Exploring the Void workshop and Supervision

 “I am absolutely delighted to have attended the Gratitude workshop and acquired more than I had expected, especially experiencing the power of art in highlighting issues in my life which need addressing, nurtured and honoured.
The workshop has had a wonderful impact on my thinking this past week, especially of course gratitude. It is not until one is back into life that the true value of its content is evident and appreciated.” CR 22.8.15 Mandalas of gratitude PD and Supervision workshop

 “I enjoyed the realness of the workshop and being part of a like- minded group who were professional and non-judgemental. Thank you for your openness and willingness in your support and making me feel at ease. ” LP 21.11.15 Nature Mandalas – Reflection of Personal & Professional Growth during 2015

Feedback Open Studio & Supervision PD workshop 23.11.14
What did you like most about the workshop.?
 "The connection between all women. The open hearted honesty created by Marie. The chance to be creative, held and lead. Hearing other’s stories and insight".- SP
 "Wise women being together, confidently sharing our experiences. Lovely sacred space in a lovely outer space, lucky women I’d say".-BB
 "The opportunity to reflect, share and have new creative experiences. Beautiful energy, well facilitated, fun, beautifully held space"- AM
"The structure gave me more insight into timing when running a workshop. The whole workshop was quality, I gained and had confirmed lots of knowledge. The sharing and creativity was marvellous. It felt like everyone was heard and all contributed in a deep and knowledgeable way. Thank you so much for your presence, intuition and knowledge. Marvellous venue, space and allowing connection to take place."- SD

1-1 Session
"Marie thank you so much. I found your art therapy classes very up lifting and a wonderful experience. Insightful and at times confronting but I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the courage to look within themselves.
It is a truly wonderful experience.May you always be protected by light of love." O.N. Aug 2014

Supervision 1-1
" I wanted to be supervised at a quality level and I have found this with you,
thankyou. I think we will be travelling quite a journey on this supervision road."TE Oct 2014

“I feel stronger and am beginning to take more control of my life. Thankyou Marie for listening respectfully and responding with understanding”.
1-1 Sandplay Therapy sessions LM-13.2.13       

Contact and More Information
If you are tired of 1-1 talking therapy and need a different approach, try Creative Arts therapy.

If you are a therapist, case manager or professional who needs mentoring or supervising, why not choose a supervisor like myself?
I will actively encourage you to creatively explore cases and issues using figurines or art modalities to elicit new meaning to your work.
Now is the time to transform your life or your work practice, and experience the power of Creative Arts Therapy.

Contact me on 0409 954 703 or email : to make an appointment,I would love to hear from you.

Professional Membership

  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
  • ANZACATA - Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association

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