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Dr James Antoniadis

Dr James Antoniadis Medical Psychotherapist

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Dr Antoniadis is a Medical Doctor and a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist offering Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, and Group Analysis.As a medical practitioner all consultations qualify for Medicare Rebates including the Medicare Safety net and there is no numerical limit set by Medicare on the number of sessions.A referral is not required but if you have a letter from your doctor please bring it with you. If you do so a letter will be sent to your GP to keep them informed.Appointments are 45 minutes in duration. The treatment offered is non pharmacological therapy and for those on medication it may be possible to reduce or cease medication over time in consultation with your usual medical practitioner.Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is effective in the treatment of Depression ,Grief, Stress, Anxiety ,Addictions, Social and Relationship Difficulties, Work Stress or Career Difficulties, Sexual Identity Issues Existential Crisis, Personality Disorders and for many other types of psychological Distress.

Dr James Antoniadis, Medical Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Servicing area

Kew, Victoria

Focus areas

Addiction Growth Frustration Anxiety Grief Stress management

What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a powerful non pharmacological treatment for, Depression ,Grief, Stress, Anxiety ,Addictions, Social and Relationship Difficulties, Work Stress or Career Difficulties, Sexual Identity Issues Existential Crisis, Personality Disorder.

Psychodynamic therapy is powerful because it can work on the unconscious mind which causes us to think and behave in ways that we don't always like or wish to.
Unconscious thought patterns often underlie relationship difficulties, self destructive behaviour and mental illnesses.

Why do we have an unconscious?
The unconscious develops throughout life and helps us to cope automatically with most life situations. By using unconscious short cuts the mind is able to deal with most things quickly and without effort. Unfortunately we may develop pathological mental shortcuts during development (assumptions) which do not work well in our current lives but which we are unaware of because they have become unconscious.

How does Psychodynamic therapy work?
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy uses the theoretical knowledge and techniques derived from psychoanalysis, for this reason it is also often called psychoanalytic psychotherapy as it involves analysis of the thoughts of the client to uncover hitherto unconscious meaning and processes. By making the unconscious thoughts and patterns conscious they become amenable to voluntary change so that new and more adaptive ways of thinking and being can be developed and mastered. It is thus able to resolve recurring destructive patterns of thinking or behaviour that stand in the way of an individual living life to the fullest. .

What does it treat?
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a powerful treatment for depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship problems, addictions, career difficulties, and personality problems. It is also very useful for releasing ones creativity and for developing the capacities such as empathy, assertiveness, self awareness to pursue a dynamic and authentic life.

What goes on in the session?

The work involves the exploration of dreams and thoughts that come to mind during each session (otherwise known as free association).

The therapist does not tell you how to be or what to do but rather helps you to find your own solutions while developing capacities to implement them. Thus this sort of therapy liberates and empowers one to be creative, independent and free to pursue life to the fullest.

How many sessions are required and how often?
Often maladaptive thought patterns become associated with mental pain and frustration and so your mind may resist allowing them to become conscious until it feels safe to do so. Therefore therapy requires the establishment of a safe, consistent environment.
Effective therapy producing lasting change requires the therapy be frequent enough to keep ones mind engaged in the process of exploration and growth. To this end the sessions must be regular. Generally the more frequent are the sessions the deeper are the changes possible in the therapy.
Therapy is continued until the desired results are achieved.

Each session is of 45 min duration.

Fees set in accordance with AMA rates and are largely covered by Medicare and the Medicare safety net. There is no limit set by Medicare on the number of sessions.

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