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Counselling & Psychotherapy Yarraville

Dr Jeannette Kavanagh

(Near Gamon Street)
Somerville Rd
Yarraville VIC 3013

Servicing area: Yarraville, Kingsville, Newport, Altona, Hoppers Crossing

Counselling & Psychotherapy Yarraville

Counselling | Psychotherapy | Meditation | Hypnotherapy

Call 0417 379 684 to discuss my coaching approach to better communication in relationships and how we'll work together to overcome a range of other issues. Skype and telephone counselling sessions also available

Counselling & Psychotherapy Yarraville

Services Available

  • Counselling
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Meditation
  • Psychotherapy
Find out more about how the services I provide and how they can help you to live a happier life. Call 0417 379 684 for your FREE phone consultation, or send me an email via the 'Make an Enquiry' button.

About The Practice

Proudly LGBTI-friendly practice - everyone welcome

In years to come, it won’t be necessary to make the point that this is an LGBTI-friendly practice. That will be the new normal. People who are LGBTI sometimes have added concerns around their sexual identity in a world that is still homophobic. Not many people escape relationship and family issues.

Anxiety and depression are very democratic - they hit everyone equally.


Earlier this year one of my younger brothers died from lung cancer. Though he had become a non-smoker in the last eighteen months, it was too late to save him. I'm keener than ever to assist people to become non-smokers. Again. I don't like the concept of 'giving up'. That has connotations of deprivation and loss.


You and I know that you don't really want to smoke. It stinks. You feel like a social outcast. You don't think that donating $100 to $250 each week to tobacco companies is great. You know that you're compelled to smoke because nicotine is addictive.
You're an addict. The addictive substances are running your life, not you.

The drug to which you're addicted is deadly but it's legal. It makes governments $millions in taxes. The other chemicals in tobacco and tailor-made cigarettes are all designed to deliberately make smoking even more addictive. Hypnosis can make the journey out of addiction so very easy.


You pay me $100 for our first session. Then you pay nothing until you've been a non-smoker for one month. That might take only one hypnosis session, or twelve. Regardless of the number of sessions, the remaining cost is $250
- a bit more than most of you pay each week for smokes. So let me help you to become the non-smoker that you know you long to be.

For more information about any of the professional services I offer, please give me a call on 0417 379 684 or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today

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PhD; MEd; BEd; BA; Dip Counselling; Dip Hypnotherapy

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