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Dr Jimi Wollumbin

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Safe, effective healthcare for the whole family

Holistic Family Health Care

Servicing area

Northern Rivers, NSW

Focus areas

Intolerance Lifestyle Pain relief Lower back pain Endometriosis Circulation

Holistic Family Health Care Services


    • Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture


    • Homeoprophylaxis


    • Medical Leech Therapy / Hirudotherapy


    • Functional pathology blood, urine and saliva anaylsis. Traditional pulse, tongue and urine analysis, Iridology,


    • Counter Irritation: Bee Venom Therapy, Urtication / Stinging Nettle, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxabustion, Fire Needle / cauterisation.


Commonly treated conditions


Arthritis, Asthma, allergies, Anxiety, Addictions (nicotine, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, amphetamine, pharmaceutical) Back Pain, Children’s Developmental Disorders (ADHD, Aspergers, Autism), Cancer, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Cold and Flu / Influenza, Constipation / Diarhea, Depression, Diabetes, Disc degeneration, Eczema, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Fluid retention, Food Intolerances, Infertility, Impotence, Haemorrhoids, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, IBS, Insomnia, Low Immunity, Mastitis, Menopause, Memory Loss, Middle Ear Infections, Obesity, Panic Attacks, Period pain, Pregnancy, Psoriasis, Sinusitis, Stress, Tendonitis, and more ...

About Dr Jimi Wollumbin


Entrepreneur, author, speaker, UN Delegate
Adv Dip Hom. Adv Dip Ac. BA, DA, DSI, DIB, DRT, DRM, DZS, DAH, ATMS
CEO & Founder – One Health Organisation
United Nations DPI – Senior Delegate (OHO)

Over the last 20 years of clinic practice I have had the opportunity to research and practice some of the most respected traditional medical systems; these include the Chinese, Tibetan, Indian and Persian traditions. I have also been fortunate enough to work in a series of community health and international aid initiatives. The following timeline lists some of the highlights of this diverse and rewarding exploration.

      2018 - International Congress on Natural Medicine - keynote presenter
      2017 - Australian Integrative Medical Association Conference (AIMA) - Keynote presenter
      2016 - Appointed Faculty (teaching) American Integrative Health & Medicine Association (AIHM)
      2015 - Key Note presenter American Integrative Health & Medicine conference San Diego (with Deepak Chopra)
      2014 – Tibetan Medical Institute Daramshala / Ladakh (Research)  Lifetime Membership
      2013 - Philippine Disaster Relief Effort (OHO Coordinator)
      2013 –Abandoned Children’s Project – Myanmar (Volunteer)
      2012 – Community Health Anti-Malarial Pilot – East India (Project Manager)
      2012 – Galenic & Persian Medical Council / CCRUM – Delhi (Research)
      2012 – 30 Million Dollar Health & Wellness CRC Bid – Southern Cross University (Senior Consultant)
      2012 – 10 000 hours Volunteer time reached (One Health Organisation)
      2011 - Ayurvedic Research Exchange – North India
      2011 – $500 000 Dollars in International Aid Donations (Fundraised)
      2010 – United Nations Conference Address (Speaker/ Delegate)
      2009 – Holistic Primary Health Care - Government Submission (Author)
      2008 – National Youth Enquiry – (Speaker/ Nutrition)
      2008 – EU Homeopathy & Immunisation Conference (Presenter)
      2007 – Kottokal Ayurvedic Hospital Research Exchange – South India
      2006 – Youth in Crisis Outreach Project - Kings Cross (Project Founder)
      2005 – Asylum Seekers Health & Wellness Initiative – Sydney (Project Founder)
      2005 – One Health Organisation (Founder)
      2004 – Village Health Project – Mexico (Volunteer)
      2004 - Traditional Medicine reserach:
                   Dayak Forest Shamans (Borneo)
                   Dogon Animism (Mali)
                   Water Priests (Indonesia)
      2003 - Tibeten Medical Institute research exchange
      2003 - Ayurvedic Research Exchange – South India
      2002 – Beijing Hospital Internship – China
      2001 – Zen Mind Body Centre (Director)
      2000 – Diploma of Sports Injury Therapy 
            1999 – The Healing Hands Clinic (Director) 
            1997 - Remedial Massage Training (ACT TAFE)
            1994-1996: Australian National University
                                 (Western Philosophy & Eastern Religion)


Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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