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Morkare Natural Clinic has three qualified, experienced Homeopaths on staff to help you achieve your goal of better health and wellbeing. !

Morkare Natural Clinic - Homeopathy & Ayurveda

Founded in 1796 by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, Homeopathy has gone on to become the second largest system of medicine globally, it's practised in more than 80 nations and 500 million people use it worldwide.

Homeopathy is an holistic healing modality, with its foundations rooted in the concept that disease has both physical and psychological components. Modern medicine has only recently some around to this way of thinking. The fact that disease is due to a weakening of the body's innate defence mechanisms, as opposed to the mere presence of disease-causing organisms in the internal or external environment was put forth by Homeopathy prior to the invention of the microscope and subsequent discovery of microbes.

Homeopathy works with the law of similars, which works on the theory that a substance capable of bringing on particular symptoms in a healthy body is capable of treating similar symptoms in a person experiencing illness. The law of similars logic is to provide the catalyst for a healing response from the body rather than trying to suppress the disease manifestation.

Homeopathy combines healing of both body and mind and is successful in treatment and/or management of the following:






      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder






      Behavioural Issues


      Childhood Illnesses






      Eczema and Skin Other Conditions


      Eliminating Habits


      Frequent Colds


      Growth & Development




      Natural Preventative for Childhood Aliments




      Sleeping Problems




    Viral Infections






      Food Allergies/Intolerances


      Anxiety and Stress


      Bronchal Conditions






      Calcareal Spur


      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome












      Dry Eye




      Fatty Liver






      Flu Preventatives


      Fungal Infections


      Gall Stones




      Gastro-esophangeal Reflux




      Hair Loss










      Irritable Bowel Syndrome


      Kidney Stones


      Lichen Planus


      Natural Preventative for Travel






      Non-Healing Ulcers


      Nutritional Anaemia


      Nasal Polyps






      Peptic Ulcer




      Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


      Prostate Enlargement




      Prostate Hyperplasia




      Restless Leg Syndrome


      Rheumatoid Arthritis




      Sleep Disorders






      Varicose Veins






Meaning the “Science of Life”, this Ancient Indian practice dates back to over 5000 years ago. Ayurveda works on the belief that the universe is made up of five elements, consisting of space, air, fire, water and earth. When these five elements are integrated in the human body, they separate into three forms of energy (Doshas), known in Ayuverdic terms as Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Everyone is born with a unique combination of these three Doshas, usually one or two are more dominant than the others. Each of these Doshas controls different body functions, physical aspects, emotional aspects and characteristics. The Ayurveda principles work on preventing, eliminating, treating, illnesses and dysfunctions by re-establishing balance in the body, mind, and consciousness through diet, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, relaxation and body cleansing.

Vata (elements of space and air):

Controls bodily functions connected with motion. Such as blood circulation, breathing and your heartbeat. When Vata is in balance in the body, one tends to feel inspired and invigorated. When unbalanced it can cause the person to feel a sense of fear and anxiety.

Pitta (elements of fire and water):

Controls the body's metabolic systems, such as digestion, nutrition, absorption, and temperature. When Pitta is in balance in the body, one tends to feel humble and intelligent. When unbalanced it can cause the person to feel a sense of anger.

Kapha (elements of water and earth):

Controls growth in the body. Supplying water to all body parts, moisturising the skin, and maintaining the immune system. When Kapha is in balance in the body, one feels love and forgiveness. When unbalanced it can cause the person to feel a sense of insecurity and jealousy.

Ayurveda is not just managing health, it is a way of life! It teaches us how to maintain optimal health and wellness by improving both our energy and awareness of how to live and preserve life.

About Morkare Health & Wellness Clinic's Homeopaths

Dr Shenaz Morkas(Homeopathy) B.H.M.S (India)
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Certified Naturopath

Shenaz Morkas is an Indian trained Homeopathic Doctor and has extensive knowledge and exceptional international experience in treatment of various illnesses through naturopathy, diet, nutrition and homeopathy.
Shenaz believes in treatment of every patient as a whole constituting both mental and physical complaints, and by using the combined wisdom of homeopathy with the most up-to-date medical information, she can provide professional, comprehensive healthcare. Specialising in Children’s Health and Women’s Health.

“Helping clients achieve optimal Mind and Body Health is my priority. As a dedicated practitioner, I offer continual support throughout their journey to wellness”


Colleen Allman
Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy, Registered Nurse and Midwife, Lactation Consultant, Positive Parenting Program Trained, Child Health Nurse, Primary School Nurse

Colleen’s background of nursing, with a wide knowledge of conventional medicine assists with her current approach to health through homeopathy. Specialising paediatrics, midwifery, lactation and community child health. She has a particular interest in positive parenting, breast feeding, nutrition, hearing health, bedwetting, asthma and family planning.

“I believe in helping clients to better health and wellbeing, through a commitment to the individual, collaboration in health care, and an undertaking to provide client education”


Kerri McWaters
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine

Kerri is passionate and caring homeopath that is committed to supporting her clients on their journey to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through the highest quality treatments. Each treatment is individualized to her client’s unique physical and mental health aspects. According to the first principle of homeopathy ‘the physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health” and this is Kerri's commitment to you.

“There is no situation that is too large or too insignificant. It is an honor to facilitate your healing to blossom into a healthier version of you!”
Kerri McWaters

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Homeopathy is considered a complementary medicine and is not a substitute for orthodox medical treatment. Homeopathic remedies are available OTC (over the counter) and have been TGA approved.

Please Note, customers hereby accept full responsibility for any actions taken by themselves or their child concerning any foods, homeopathic remedies, herbs, supplements, exercises and the clinical homeopath. Customers hereby release the aforementioned company and employees from any liability resulting in any possible damages or loss during our association.

A Customer understands that rather than medical advice or treatment, they are seeking alternative and complementary treatment in the form of lifestyle, educational, nutritional and homeopathic advice and/or recommendations. Under no circumstances, should any suggestions be taken as a diagnosis or direction against a licensed physical or mental care professional.

A customer affirms that they are seeking self-help and advice in natural health or educational matters only, and if they desire a diagnosis or treatment for any medical condition, they must consult a physician. A customer acknowledges that Morkare Health Clinic and employees are neither a medical institution nor a medical doctor.

Qualification Details

Dr Shenaz Morkas (Homeopathy) B.H.M.S (India)
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Certified Naturopath

Colleen Allman
Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy
Registered Nurse and Midwife
Lactation Consultant
Child Health Nurse

Kerri McWaters
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine

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