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Reiki is a powerful hands-on energy healing technique used to restore a state of balance and harmony between the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Your Reiki practitioner will ascertain any areas in need of attention by laying their hands on the energy centres of the body - Reiki takes place fully clothed. If a lack of energy or area of stagnation is found, a transfer of the universal energy channelled by Reiki practitioners will occur, dissolving blockages and relieving stress.

Reiki can be of great benefit if undertaken regularly, grounding and revitalising the flow of 'life force energy'. If a persons 'life force' is low or stagnant, the likelihood of illness is heightened. When it's abundant and free flowing, good health and wellness are easier to attain.

People most often use Reiki to relieve pain and anxiety, enhance their energy levels and relieve feelings of fatigue, emotional distress and sleep problems.

Reiki has also been known to increase sensitivity to energy, provide clarity of one’s life purpose, increase present moment awareness, to be more attuned to inner wisdom and intuition, promotes spiritual growth and creates a deeper level of soul connection.

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Rhiannon Elton
Acupuncturist and Reiki Master

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