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Dumas Wellness - Wellbeing Clinic

Louis Dumas & Stephanie Dumas

Mia Mia VIC 3444

Servicing area: MIA MIA, Victoria


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Dumas Wellness - Wellbeing Clinic

Wellness Coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Wellbeing Clinic - Coaching & EFT

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching can be beneficial to assist with goal setting and gaining clarity surrounding a particular health and wellbeing issue. Wellness Coaching is mainly based on the positive psychology model of Martin Seligman, however may draw on other coaching models if and when appropriate. Coaching takes a supportive and problem solving approach, and is not intended as a replacement for psychotherapy.



Involves you tapping on meridian points while making affirmations with the guidance of your Practitioner. EFT enables you to work on an issue(s) that you have identified. EFT is not intended as a replacement for psychotherapy.

Wellbeing Clinic - Coaching & EFT