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From Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, or Proprioceptive Nerve Facilitation (PNF) here at the Dural Podiatry & Sports Podiatry Center, these techniques can be applied to you.

Proprioceptive Nerve Facilitation (PNF), Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage

What is Massage? 

Many sports massage techniques are available that release narrow, knotty muscles.

Includes the following techniques: deep tissue massage and tool-assisted myofascial release techniques integrate with relaxing strategies such as Proprioceptive Nerve Facilitation (PNF). 

It can rapidly increase muscle length and articulation range, soften muscles and reduce joint dysfunction.

What types of massages are offered? 

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage procedure used primarily to treat tension and sports injuries, such as musculoskeletal issues. It takes continuous pressure to penetrate the internal layers of your muscular and connective tissues by using slow deep strokes.

Myofascial Release Techniques

A behavioural therapy that attempts to relieve tension from trauma, posture or inflammation in the fascia. The muscles, joints, nerves and organs of the body are surrounded by connective tissue called fascia.

Proprioceptive Nerve Facilitation (PNF) 

A technique of muscle stretching that is often performed with a partner or coach and requires a series of contractions and relaxations during relaxation times by means of vigorous stretching. 

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