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Dyslexia and Reading Solutions

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The fastest way to overcome learning problems.

Dyslexia and Reading Solutions

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Home of Dyslexia Treatment

Main Causes of Reading/Learning Problems

  • lack of opportunity - sickness, away from school, poor teaching

  • hearing and vision concerns

  • information processing problems - "poor working memory"

  • poor integration of the "reading" brain

  • "overloaded" brain functioning

Underlying Causes

Of course, reading should be nurtured and reading to your child will help develop a love of reading and expand their vocabulary!  Having word games and talking more with your child will help reading and comprehension. However, the lack of reading to your child will not prevent them from learning to read, but other other things can!

Dealing with the underlying causes 

Interventions dealing with the underlying causes help defeat dyslexia and overcome difficulties in reading and learning.

You may be surprised at how quickly this can be achieved.

Why Use Us?

Why let us work with you to achieve results?


We've been working with learning needs for over 50 years each, as parents, teachers, lecturers, school principals, psychologists and guidance officers, so we know the education system from inside and out and experienced difficulties ourselves.


We can provide you:

  • Comprehensive or screening assessments

  • Assessment of reading so you know exactly where your child is at right now.

  • Assessment of underlying information/sensory processing difficulties  - visual processing and spoken language processing  - so you can understand what the problem really is.

  • A thorough report outlining causes of problems along with detailed treatment recommendations.

  • Follow-up assessment and committed support to ensure progress continues.

Finding Underlying Causes

As psychologists writing reports, we do not want to tell you what you already know, that your child has a reading problem. We want to make sure we can let you know how these problems can be treated – so they aren't a problem anymore, and so your child can succeed at school and realise their potential.


To help make children's learning and reading easier and more effective, we’ve researched the most brain-friendly technologies. With our current interventions, we've seen withdrawn stumbling readers become confident, strong learners, able to get the best out of themselves… in just a few short weeks.

Results Partnership


There's nothing like the joy of a parent hearing their child read smoothly and with expression for the first time. Some didn't think that day would ever come.

So if you are ready to...

  • see your child more confident and relaxed, less stressed, reading more and no longer worried about school; and

  • put in the resources required, working together to help your child up to reading speed in a much faster time than you ever expected

...then we can help!


If you find that even though you have

  • provided classroom support

  • use approved synthetics phonics

  • incorporated multisensory learning

there are student with ongoing difficulties...then talk with us. You can help you help your students more by incorporating our interventions into your support process. 

Contact us today for more information.

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