Earth & Aether Art Therapy & Counselling

Nicole Powell

175 Union st
Newtown NSW 2042

Servicing area: Sydney Inner-West, Inner-South West, Eastern Suburbs

Focus area: Anxiety Adjustment issues and life transitions Trauma
Transpersonal Art Therapy & Counselling

- creative therapeutic support for the mind, the spirit & the soul -

Earth & Aether Art Therapy & Counselling

Welcome to Earth & Aether Art Therapy & Counselling. I am passionate about supporting people to regain their personal power and take charge of their lives with integrity and authenticity.

As a transpersonal therapist, I utilise a person-centred approach, meaning that you, the client, are the most important person in the room. The core purpose of person-centred therapy is to facilitate your ability to self-actualise - to harness and stimulate your personal growth - discover and fulfil your ultimate potential.

Transpersonal Art Therapy is a powerful method to tap into your inner landscape and explore your own personal imagery and symbology. You do not need to be an artist to successfully engage in the processes I will guide you through and art therapy is not restricted to drawing alone. Collage, pastels and paint can be used, or clay for the more tactile.

‘Art’ and ‘Therapy’ are both associated with healing. To create art from within has an inherent healing power. The images you create can be amplified to facilitate new understandings and insights. Artmaking can be particularly useful to verbalise overwhelming emotions from past and present crises, traumas and unresolved issues. They can help with life transitions, loss, grief, depression, anxiety and body image. Creative therapeutic processes formulate new perceptions that lead to positive growth and healing.

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Earth & Aether Art Therapy & Counselling