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Communing with nature is synonymous with Eartheart's philosophy.  We are the custodians of the land and Carers of Everything who dwell upon it.

Eartheart - Animal Healing

Each living being is brethren to mankind and we are in charge of their care and nurture as per Dreamtime Lore

Freya's profound connection with creatures of all nature, comprehends their beings through her intrinsic knowledge, profound empathy and affection for each living being. This connects her to them and through this empowers her to hear, feel and know their truth.

Creatures come to Freya, whether from the wild, tamed or in between.  

On several occasions wild birds, after being badly injured, have been blessed by her heart and connection to source - restoring them to freedom and health.  Domestic cats have stopped territorial bouts and spraying, Snakes call her to return them and aloof foxes come to connect with her.

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About Eartheart

Eartheart is a Community Heart Consciousness Change Movement

Eartheart - Crystal Therapy

Distance is no obstacle: Advance Crystal Dreaming Technique – Skype & phone appointments available.

Eartheart - Energy Healing

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy is very effective for finances personal or business, grief & it is also very effective for any other emotional issue, depression, anxiety & mental body imbalances of all kinds, pain relief , illness reversal, pre or post operative & also for animals both domestic & wild.

Eartheart - Pranic Healing

This pervasive energy that surrounds, interpenetrates and sustains the physical body, also affects our emotions, our ability to handle stress, relationships and even finances.

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