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Fremantle, Perth WA 6160

Distance is no obstacle: Advance Crystal Dreaming Technique – Skype & phone appointments available.

Eartheart - Crystal Therapy

The facilitating of an "altered state" Using a layout of crystals on and around the body.

Your very own shamanic venture. This trip into an adjusted state every now and again prompts a condition of euphoria, where significant physical, emotional and profound healing may happen. On this voyage you will be helped with the removal of blockages, including the removal of; emotional blockages, cellular memory, present or past life trauma, negative energy, entities and interference from any other source. These strategies open all channels to the spirit world and beyond, encouraging inter-dimensional travel whilst remaining completely conscious (bi-area).

In this state, significant, positive and quick life changes regularly happen.

For the individuals who are tested by sickness and, whether it be made in this or past lives, we will find, analyse and treat the reason for any imbalances or vitality blockage in the principal session. Results of your Crystal Dreaming™ are quick and lasting and must be experienced to be accepted.

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