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Zenthai Shiatsu and Somatic Therapies


Welcome to Earth Touch – healing through embodied awareness.

I want to help you find peace and ease in your body and your life.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing and therapeutic bodywork experience, or whether you suffer from ongoing issues like anxiety, stress, chronic illness, or trauma, I can support you.

I specialize in working to reset the nervous system.

With the pressures of modern living, many people get stuck in a ‘fight/flight’ or an overwhelm/shutdown mode.

Training the system to come back to balance is the real key to feeling your best, both mentally and physically.

I practiced yoga and mindfulness meditation for many years and trained to teach both.

This taught me directly that where we put our attention actually changes how our brain is wired and how our physiology runs and how we feel.

I began to study the nervous system further, learning how stress and trauma happen, and how to heal them by using the power of bringing attention to the sensations of the body.

The meditation I did made me fall in love with states of deep peace.
Yoga made me fall in love with the experience of being in a human body.
Learning about the nervous system was the missing piece that really explained to me how we get blocked from feeling these states of calm and peace and joy and how to find our way back to them.

The tools I have learnt have been invaluable to me and I look forward to sharing them with you.
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Gigi Grace - Earth Touch