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Stephen Phillips

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Where Traditional Blends With Modern: See how I blend traditional acupuncture & Chinese medicine with modern methods to help heal your body & mind

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Leichhardt, Katoomba & Penrith

Focus areas

Fitness Digestive disorders Physical health Nurturing Herbalist Nervous system

What Sets Stephen Phillips Apart? 

Discover how I  utilise the effective combination of traditional acupuncture methods as well as Chinese medicine with the latest techniques and technologies to help restore harmony and balance to your mind and body.

As I believe that it is fundamental to your health and well-being that your mind (nervous system) and body (immune system) work in harmony and balance, I found that combining the finest properties of traditional methods and modern techniques is the best way to achieve this goal.

My approach is based on my decades of study and practice of eastern medicine. My name is Stephen Phillips, and I am the founder of Eastern Medicine Clinics. With my 30 years of experience as a health practitioner, I have developed therapies that help you achieve harmony and balance, and thus, inner peace and happiness.

What To Expect From Stephen’s Acupuncture Treatment?

My acupuncture is a very safe and practically painless treatment. If you have a health problem plaguing you, our acupuncture may just be the solution. You can book an assessment session to find out.

Expect a modern Australian way of gentle acupuncture that is in line with the traditional Japanese style of treatment. You can be assured that we only use the highest quality single-use needles available in the world.

We also use traditional Chinese acupuncture by request only. Larger-sized needles and a stronger insertion technique can be used. As a result, the procedure may be more uncomfortable yet still highly effective.

You can also request for electro and laser acupuncture which is available at all three of our clinics. Similar to traditional methods, I only use premium quality ultra thin acupuncture needles. These therapies can be utilised in parallel to most pharmaceutical treatments.

I can also work closely with your general health practitioner to help provide complementary therapies.

What To Expect From My Chinese Herbal Medicine?

As I have worked for over 10 years as an herbalist for both Cathay Herbal Laboratories and The Green Medicine, I developed a passion for producing effective formulas without the use of animal products or endangered plant species. This has become my trademark which I call "Cruelty-Free Chinese Medicine".

We take pride in the fact that we provide cruelty-free Chinese medicine. The products that we prescribe are:

  1. Not derived from any animal killed for the extraction of that  ingredient;
  2. Not extracted from an animal in any manner.
  3. Not tested on Animals
  4. Not from Wildlife
  5. Not the by-products of the fur industry or a slaughterhouse
  6. Not any plant or any animal that is listed as endangered or threatened species

With my passion as a Chinese medicine compounding herbalist and being a qualified herbal dispenser registered with the Australian government, I feel it is crucial that we prescribe herbs that not only work but does not harm nature or its creatures.

We at Eastern Medicine Clinics strongly believe that any medicine that is good for you should be also good for the other beings that we share the planet with and the planet itself.

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