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Tai Chi & Qigong
Member since
Mar 2007

Stephen Phillips

Mobile 0414 339 354
Address Parking in Elswick Street or out front
97 Marion St
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Servicing Areas 3 Clinics - Leichhardt, Katoomba & Penrith
Discover the benefits that Tai Chi & Qigong can bring to your health & being, when you give Stephen at Eastern Medicine a call today

Eastern Medicine - Tai Chi & Qigong

What is Qigong?

Qigong is a self-healing art that combines movement and meditation. Visualizations are employed to enhance the mind/body connection and assist healing. Regular practice of qigong can: prevent and treat illness, reduce stress - establish balance and integrate mind/body/spirit - bring peace.

Qigong (also spelled Ch'i Kung) is a powerful system of healing and energy medicine from China. It is the art and science of using breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy (qi). Qigong practice leads to better health and vitality and a tranquil state of mind. In the past, qigong was also called nei gong (inner work) and dao yin (guiding energy).

Qui Gong

Qigong class each Saturday 10-11am upstairs above clinic.

Classes have stopped at present while I am moving house but please email if you want to be contacted when they start back.

Taiji Quan
Taiji quan is taught both private and in small classes. For private lesson contact Stephen for classes please checkout Tai Chi in the Park Meetup group.

Private lesson by appointment, regular class Saturday Mornings Petersham park 8am


Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) is a form of Qigong although the focus is not only on health but self defence and the beauty of the performance. It is much easier to learn a few basic Qigong movment than a long TaiJi form and very beneficial.

What Others Have To Say About Tai Ji Quan

Claude Pepper Foundation an American organization , Inc. produced a scientific study to determine the best method of improving balance in persons over age 65 and thereby decreasing the risk of falls causing injury. In a letter dated March 5, 1997, it states:

Our pilot results indicated that the Taoist Tai Chi form of exercise was far superior to the traditional American physical therapy intervention to increase strength and enhance balance in older persons.


Many medical practitioners whose patients are practitioners of Taoist Tai Chi internal arts and methods or who are practitioners themselves have recognized and endorsed the health benefits.

  • The movements of Taoist Tai Chi have the potential for maintaining flexibility of joints, improving balance (thus preventing falls), increasing strength of lower limbs and correcting posture. Particular attention is paid to spinal movements and thereby stability of the lower back.
  • The sequence also encourages circulation of blood and lymph. Because the set is performed while standing, weight bearing assists bone formation and the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • The benefits of Tai Chi extend beyond simply attaining physical health. Concentration and recall are demanded to acquire the sequence of the 108 movements of the set. An added bonus comes from contact with others determined to improve and thereby to continue with a pleasant form of exercise.

- Dr Richard Lefroy, FRACP, FAFRM, Senior Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Public Health, University of Western Australia.

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Qualification Details

  • Fully qualified Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist
  • Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage

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