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We offer a way to a healthy, pain-free life at the East Gosford Physiotherapy &Sports Injury Centre by helping you tackle your problems.

Exercise Programs & Classes: Keep Moving, Type 2 Diabetes, PD Warrior

Yoga & Pilates Classes

The lessons of Vinyasa Yoga come within the Hatha Yoga banner and are designed to bring harmony to the body. Vinyasa Yoga lessons are based on ancient areas of yoga but are built to teach good posture to fit modern-day lives with a healthy and realistic approach. 

Our Pilates Program is taught by our highly trained Pilates professionals and will be introduced to you, based on your previous knowledge of Pilates, at a pace that you are motivated and able to manage. 

Bounce Back Exercise Classes 

Designed by Australia's foremost spinal consultant Trish Wisbey-Roth, a former Olympic physiotherapist, BOUNCE is a comprehensive approach for specific groups to prevent back pain from happening.

Keep Moving - Exercise Classes

This is meant for people between the ages of 50-60, who have been unable to exercise and who can experience discomfort and stiffness challenges. It refers to people who don’t fit into a fitness room or boot camp environment but also not for the elderly. This group needs Keep Moving, but often seminaries and inspirations are lost. 

Type 2 Diabetes - Kick Start Classes 

Kick Start is a Medicare-supported diabetes-diagnosed exercise program. It is provided through highly trained and certified fitness physiologists at East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre. It aims to help patients through preparation and know-how to control the effects of their type 2 diabetes. 

PD Warrior Circuit Classes for Parkinson's Disease

PD Warrior Circuit Classes have been established to promote the inclusion of individuals with Parkinson's disease in a healthy and engaging group training program. This is a special medical strategy that lets you overcome Parkinson's symptoms. PD Warrior gives you the opportunity to get back into life and to believe there is a future beyond diagnosis.

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