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Eastern Suburbs Physiotherapy Nunawading

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Eastern Suburbs Physiotherapy Nunawading

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vertigo, Dizziness and Feeling off balance
Anyone who has ever been tipsy or drunk has experienced their vestibular system under stress. That is, a sensation of lightheadedness, spinning, unsteadiness and sometimes even vomiting. Imagine feeling like that everyday in response to moving around, looking up or standing up, and even the bright lights of shopping centres.

Balance is often referred to as the “sixth” sense and it is only when things go wrong that we understand how important it is in our daily life. The vestibular system processes information from the inner ear, the eyes, joint position sensors in feet and limbs and coordinates with the brain to enable us to balance in all types of situations.

Do you have any of the following:
  • vertigo
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • loss of balance
  • unsteady walking
  • poor concentration
  • eye fatigue
  • headaches
  • tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
These are all common symptoms of a vestibular disorder and many can be improved with treatment.
Anne will assess your vestibular function and sort out what the problem is likely to be and plan out your rehabilitation.


Kinesiology [pronounced, kin-eezy-ology] is a complementary medicine practice that has been around for about fifty years. It is however based on a very ancient system, the meridian system, upon which the practice of acupuncture is based, originating in China some four thousand plus years ago. Kinesiology really is a powerful blend of traditional Eastern understanding and contemporary Western health science.

What Does Kinesiology Do and How can it Help?

Kinesiology basically aims to maximize the body’s healing potential. It does this by balancing the body’s energy systems using very specific muscle monitoring to assess the state of the meridian system.

It identifies then releases whatever may be blocking our healing capacity. That blockage may be on a physical/postural level or it may be on a more subtle, emotional/attitudinal level. Whichever level that blockage is on, Kinesiology aims to release it, so that the body’s healing energies can flow and we can be restored to health and vitality.

There is, of course, more to life than just not being sick! Another very useful aspect of Kinesiology is identifying and removing the things that stop us learning and achieving the goals we set ourselves. This can be so valuable when we need to make changes in our life but seem to be stuck, repeating the same old patterns and mistakes- “same old, same old!” The sorts of things that keep us stuck are held as energetic patterns in the body, which can be identified and treated with the energetic healing techniques of Kinesiology.

Who Could Benefit From Kinesiology?

Since Kinesiology helps to stimulate and maximize the body’s own healing response, it can be helpful in assisting most conditions.

Chronic back and neck pain, arthritis, postural problems, muscle tension and many other conditions not responding to standard medical treatments are ideally treated with Kinesiology.

Anybody feeling stuck in emotional patterns such as anger or depression, or just finding it hard to make significant changes in their life, will benefit greatly from Kinesiology.

How is it done and does it hurt?

Kinesiology is a non-invasive, gentle modality. Careful assessment of muscle responses and activation of specific reflex points [acupoints] on the surface of the body are the main tools that are used. It does not involve the use of needles and is essentially painless. The gentleness of the delivery of Kinesiology belies its considerable power to influence our healing.

A session of Kinesiology takes approximately one hour and may be combined with traditional physiotherapy if required.


Meditation can be helpful to us on so many levels. Many of us face the urgent need to lower our stress level and to be less subject to anxiety. We know that the lower our stress level, the better able our body is to heal whatever is challenging it. This is where Meditation can be so important in our recovery from illness and, better still, in enhancing our immunity or resistance to disease. Also, the lower our stress level/anxiety level, the more energy is available to us and the greater our enjoyment of life. Many of us long for “a bit of peace and quiet!” - Meditation shows us that it is to be found right here within ourselves.

Meditation has been used in all of the major spiritual traditions of the world but essentially it is not owned by any tradition and stands on its own as a path to peace and health. Of course it can be used to enhance any spiritual practice if one chooses that. The Way of Peace classes that are held at Eastern Suburbs Physiotherapy are non-denominational and not affiliated with any particular religion or practice. They are, very simply, a path to Peace.

Cliff Woodward has been involved in meditation for thirty two years and has been actively and passionately teaching the Way of Peace Meditation Classes for the last sixteen years.

Classes are held every Tuesday evening from 6.30pm to 7.15, beginners welcome anytime. Gold coin donation, all monies donated are given in full [no expenses deducted] to diverse charities at home and abroad.

Musicians Injuries

Musicians really are upper limb athletes. They need to take as much care of their bodies as any athlete/sportsperson would. Of course the demands on them are very specific and quite different from the athlete. These demands need to be thoroughly understood by the healthcare professional looking after them. The very best approach of all is the PREVENTION of overuse-type injuries in the first place.

Cliff Woodward has spent 25 years involved with musicians of all kinds, from classical to jazz to rock. This grew out of his own passion for music as a classical guitarist and professionally from his working with a leading Melbourne plastic surgeon/hand surgeon for 12 years. He has assisted diverse professional instrumentalists back to performance level.

He has taught classes on over-use prevention and performance enhancement at Monash University, Melbourne University and the Australian Catholic University and recently has been consulting at a local specialist music high school.

Cliff is one of the most experienced therapists in Australia in the treatment and rehabilitation of musicians and is passionately committed to the prevention of over-use injuries, especially in younger musicians. He is currently working on a very insightful e-book on practise, entitled The Art and Science of Practising.

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