Eastern Suburbs Physiotherapy Nunawading

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Servicing area: Nunawading & Eastern Suburbs, Victoria

E.S.P. has an exceptional range of skills and experience to help you out.

Eastern Suburbs Physiotherapy Nunawading

What sort of help are you looking for?

Pain in the back or neck?

Yes, you could live without it! Spinal work, postural correction, ergonomic guidance, massage and Kinesiology are all available to make life a lot easier for you.
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Chronic headaches?

It’s hard to get the most out of life with a headache lingering around. Many headaches - even severe migraines, can be caused by joint and muscle dysfunction in the upper neck which can be helped by skillful spinal treatment, postural corrections and soft tissue release. Chris Woodman has a particular interest in the treatment of headaches and has undertaken additional study in their treatment and management. If tension and stress are the culprits then Stress relief techniques, Relaxation, meditation and kinesiology may make a big difference. These are all available at E.S.P.
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Injured at work?

At E.S.P. we have helped many injured workers from a wide variety of backgrounds, to return to their jobs. We work closely with your employer, rehabilitation provider and doctor to ensure the right outcome for you, either returning to your same duties or working out modifications that will work better for you. We have 32 years of experience doing this type of work at E.S.P.
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Motor vehicle accident?

We work within the guidelines of the Transport Accident Commission to provide you with the best treatment and rehabilitation from your motor vehicle accident and get you back on track as quickly as possible.
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Sports Injury?

You love your sport and want to be back in it asap, right? We have managed the whole range of sports injuries at E.S.P., so make use of our great experience and expertise to get you back into it FAST.
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Stress and Tension ?

There is plenty of it around! And it can cause real havoc with your muscles and joints. E.S.P. can help with Stress Management techniques, Relaxation Techniques, Kinesiology, Meditation or Massage.

Neurological Disorders

Anne Woodward is our Neurological Physiotherapist with over 25 years experience in this area. She works closely with some leading neurologists in the eastern suburbs. She will treat, advise and help you manage your neurological condition.

At your initial consultation a through assessment will be made of your condition and a treatment plan formulated, which will give you a good idea of the duration and frequency of your treatments. If you are being managed by other health professionals such as a GP, we will keep them informed of your treatment and progress if you wish us to do so.

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Eastern Suburbs Physiotherapy Nunawading