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Eastwood Myotherapy

Dr Deborah Leask

Suite 1
173 Boronia Rd
Boronia VIC 3155

Servicing area: Boronia, Dandenong South & Surrounding areas


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Eastwood Myotherapy

Our Chiropractor - Dr Deborah Leask - uses gentle chiropractic methods alongside kinesiology to correct postural and spinal inalignment, joint dysfunction and provide thorough assessment and care.

Eastwood Myotherapy - Chiropractic

The popular belief out there is that Chiropractors 'crack' the spine and that regular treatment can cause problems later in life. This is not the case. Chiropractors are highly trained health professionals who use a range of techniques to correct spinal and joint inalignment and remove unwanted pressure on joints, nerves and soft tissues of the body. Your chiropractor will thoroughly assess your complaint/injury and inform you of the best treatment plan to remove pain, prevent injury, slow degenerative change, even improve your golf swing!

Our Myotherapists and Chiropractor will use imaging such as xray, mri and ct scans if needed to thoroughly assess the cause of your injury/complaint. Client history, Orthopedic tests, Palpation and experience give an accurate diagnoses to base a treatment plan on. An effective treatment can not be given unless the cause is found. Our therapists will treat based on findings and continually reassess the problem to make sure improvements are made. Making you feel better is one of our main aims

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