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Eastwood Myotherapy

Our Bodies are very complex. Often, there are underlying problems which extend recovery time or even contribute to injury.

Eastwood Myotherapy - Nutrition & Exercise Therapy

Our team of therapists know to look for these possibilities and our Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist are onsite to help correct these concerns.

Not injured? Thatís great! Maybe you just need a lifestyle change. Losing or gaining weight, changes in diet to prevent or manage conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure can be assisted with dietary change. Dietary analysis can be very effective too when trying to increase body muscle mass, increase energy or find hidden sugars/carbs/fats. Our Naturopath is available by appointment too.

In regard to exercise, our experienced staff will tailor an exercise program for your needs. Whether its injury recovery, injury prevention, core stability, back care, pre & post natal care, improved mechanics for sports (eg golf swing), corrective exercises, hydrotherapy, stretching, strength training or cardio.

We have an exercise studio which clients are welcome to use, many feel more comfortable in a supervised setting. Our staff can tailor a personal program for you or you may like to participate in one of our classes - maximum 4 participants to keep the class personal.

The studio is also available for injury rehabilitation. Corrective exercises will only be effective if performed properly - we can make sure of that rather than sending you off to home or gym without full instruction

Not sure where to start? Need motivation? Please, get in touch and we will help you

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