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Annie O'Grady, Certified EFT Practitioner and Master Trainer

Annie O'Grady

Servicing Adelaide with Skype sessions anywhere
310 South Tce
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Servicing area: Adelaide, South Australia, and with Skype sessions anywhere

Annie O'Grady, Certified EFT Practitioner and Master Trainer
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Annie OGrady, Certified Practitioner, Trainer, Author

About Me

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES. I’m a qualified EFT practitioner and trainer. I’ve helped hundreds of people to quickly tap away stress and limitation of all kinds and so improve their lives, around Australia and beyond, since I began specialising in this self-help stress release technique in 2006. I am privileged to train members of the public and aspiring practitioners in EFT Tapping, through EFT International (which is standardising EFT training around the world).

My DIY book Tapping your Troubles Away with EFT describes how to do basic EFT Tapping, contains lots of case examples, outlines some of the scientific studies on EFT, and tells of EFTs short history since U.S. engineer Gary Craig developed it in the mid-Nineties. The book is available to view or buy online via my websites.

Ive worked with individuals and groups, and taught natural, non-drug therapy practices to release stress and inspire yourself, for thirty years, around southern Australia in person, and nationally and internationally on Skype. So I bring an expansive field of study and experience to the tapping techniques. (This includes specialised transpersonal, or spiritual, modalities, out of which I also offer Past Lifetimes Therapy sessions.)

Ive contributed a chapter to the 2014 U.S. Clinical EFT Handbook, Vol. 1 (Energy Psychology Press). . This book describes EFTs 48 techniques, and is for use in professional trainings conducted by the major EFT organisation EFT Universe ( ). EFT is already an approved modality for U.S. psychologists to learn as Continuing Professional Education within the conservative American Psychological Association.

I love assisting people to heal and prosper and to do MORE for themselves. Also I provide experienced EFT support for any difficulties. Great as self-help EFT is, tapping beginners cannot handle every life problem alone.

It is so important for us to find out for ourselves that emotional healing often improves our physical health too. New scientific studies show the chemical and energetic connections of stressful thoughts, beliefs and attitudes with our physical bodies and health, moment by moment throughout our lifetime and show that positive feelings regenerate the body.

What results have my clients had with EFT Tapping?

Ive successfully assisted people to use EFT to improve or eliminate a huge range of personal difficulties whose common factor is stress or limitation, among which are:

abuse and trauma effects, physical pain and symptoms, relationship troubles, divorce and separation stress, business difficulties (performance, anger management, fears of success/failure, personal conflict, cold calling reluctance, career changes, etc.), anxiety states, depression, self-esteem, phobias, dyslexia, exam and performance nerves, childhood conditioning, performance stress, etc.

EFT INTERNATIONAL-approved Certificate courses

2020 Adelaide weekend EFT Tapping Trainings
Venue: Fullarton Park Centre, Fullarton
Certificate Level 1
March 7 & 8, your investment $495
June 13 & 14, Early Bird by May 1 $395, full investment $495
September 5 & 6, Early Bird by August 1 $395, full investment $495
Certificate Level 2 (must have Level 1 Certificate)
April 17 (eve.), 18 & 19, Early Bird by March 10 $495, full investment $545
July 17 (eve.() 18 & 19, Early Bird by June 10 $495, full investment $545
October 16 (eve.), 17 & 18, Early Bird by September 10 $495, full investment $545

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  • Author of ‘Tapping Your Troubles Away with EFT’
    Contributing author to U.S. textbook ‘Clinical EFT Handbook’ Vol. 1
  • Cert. Master Trainer EFT INTERNATIONAL
  • Cert. Advanced Practitioner EFT INTERNATIONAL
  • Cert. ‘Tapping Out of Trauma’
  • Cert. Matrix ReImprinting with EFT
  • Cert. Alpha RePatterning with EFT


  • International Institute for Complementary Therapists