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Annie O'Grady

Annie O'Grady, Certified EFT Practitioner and Master Trainer

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Matrix Reimprinting with EFT is now a worldwide therapy in its own right, with over 4,000 practitioners and international conferences

Annie OGrady - Matrix Reimprinting with EFT

Servicing area

Adelaide, South Australia, and with Skype sessions anywhere

Focus areas

Self-esteem Physical health Finances Love Matrix reimprinting Self-help

Heal your past transform your future
Banish a painful mindset install an inspiring outlook

Matrix Reimprinting is an adaptation of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping), and its also an advanced modality in its own right.

It is a powerful method for quickly and gently neutralising traumatic memories, and other memories that have imprinted negative attitudes which are creating negative results in your life. Plus, the technique reprograms you to a higher consciousness level, setting up a new and positive blueprint for your future. It can be applied to any memory, or any topic.

EFT Master Karl Dawson developed the method after a client dealing with a memory told him she could 'see' the image of herself as a child 'so clearly that I could tap on her.' This observation has led to a powerful new healing method which is now taught in a number of countries.

How much does a Matrix Reimprinting session cost?

Your investment:
1-hour session $AUD 150
90-minute session $AUD 200
2-hour session $AUD 250

Freedom Breakthrough Transformation Packages - for even bigger results (and savings)

What is your biggest problem costing you in your life - in your happiness, health, finances, relationships, stress levels?

How would your life be without such a problem?

Freedom Breakthrough Package

Your investment (buy 5, pay for 4)

  • 2-hour session x 5: (normally $1,250) $1,000
  • 90-minute session x 5: (normally $1,000) $850
  • 1-hour session x 5: (normally $750) $600

The Package lasts for 2 months, with between-session email mentoring

Client Tina Gibson said, 'This Freedom Breakthrough Package turned out to be one of the kindest things I have done for my wellbeing. If I had just booked one or two sessions I may not have got to the heart of so many things.'

Client Alesia Barbour said: Im from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. I work with Annie via Skype. Together we effectively neutralized many levels of sexual trauma, battery, chronic pain, severe PTSD.

Groups or classes by arrangement.


For emotional, physical, performance or other difficulties

You will choose a topic to work on that prevents you from being truly joyful now. You will learn the basic EFT protocol, and be guided to apply it as you are led through the easy Matrix Reimprinting process, focussing on your chosen issue. As with EFT, you may disclose details of a past event, or you may keep the information private, because the process works in both cases. When the issue becomes stressfree, Matrix Reimprinting uses a leading edge holistic technique to imprint a better outcome for your future.

A transformational series of Matrix Reimprinting sessions targets major permanent reduction or elimination of your painful or limiting life issues, gently and easily.


After that one Matrix session, I lost my lifelong panic with lifts. Since then Ive been happily going up and down in lifts, and I was able to take my family on a holiday where we stayed in very tall hotels, which I couldnt have done before.
A.H. South Australia.

Since the sessions with the Matrix technique, my chest pains have gone.
R.L. South Australia

Ive lost all the stress about those childhood memories, I feel peaceful.
E.B. South Australia


2 Services

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
$150 Per session

Accelerated stress release acupressure-and-mindfulness technique. Faster, gentle, safe emotional and physical relief. Practitioner assisted, also self-help. Private sessions, workshops, training certificate courses (EFT INTERNATIONAL).

Past lifetimes regression therapy

Spiritual Healing
$250 Per session

Your own personal experience of a relevant other lifetime that may be influencing this lifetime, along with healing adjustments to improve your life now.


  • Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
  • Eft International Practitioner And Master Trainer
  • Alpha Repatterning Practitioner

Professional Membership

  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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