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Elizabeth Kachembere

Elizabeth Kachembere

421 Church St
North Parramatta NSW 2151

Servicing area: Parramatta, Riverstone & Westmead NSW

Elizabeth Kachembere

Close your eyes and calm your mind as Elizabeth’s magic strokes drive away the pain.

Pregnancy, Deep Tissue & Relaxation Massages

Delicate and Healing Pregnancy Massage

Let Elizabeth Kachembere release your tension, pain and  stress as she induces you in total relaxation with her therapeutic massage techniques in Parramatta NSW.

Elizabeth specialises in pregnancy massage. She’s been a professional massage therapist for eight years, two of which she has dedicated to massaging mums-to-be and supporting them throughout their term. 

She applies gentle or firm strokes to loosen tight muscles, especially in problem areas during pregnancy, such as the lower back. As the months go by and the baby in a pregnant woman’s uterus gets bigger, the pain gets worse.

Aside from that, Elizabeth also performs lymphatic drainage to prevent excess fluid retention and release toxins from the body as well.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

  • Relieves muscle and joint pain in legs, lower and upper back
  • Increases flexibility 
  • Prevents constipation, gas and heartburn
  • Prevents excess fluid retention
  • Slows down the progress of varicose veins
  • Relieves headache

A massage may not be advisable during pregnancy depending on your medical history. Elizabeth will perform a thorough assessment of your health condition to figure out if you can avail of this service.

Elizabeth also provides relaxation and deep tissue massage services for women who are looking to be pampered after a long, stressful day. 

Benefits of Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage

  • Relieves back pain and muscle pain
  • Helps heal an injury
  • Relieves headaches
  • Eases premenstrual symptoms like low back tension
  • Soothes emotions
  • Decreases menstrual cramps
  • Reduces insomnia 
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Relieves arthritis
  • Reduces fibromyalgia

$49.50/30-minute massage therapy session and gift voucher 
$88/60-minute massage therapy  session and gift voucher
$132/90-minute massage therapy session and gift voucher

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