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Millie Mylek

Elements - Naturopathy

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Elements - Naturopathy

Servicing area

Kambah, Australian Capital Territory

Focus areas

Infertility Mental health Love


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About the Naturopath

I work from home and have a comfortable, modern clinic with a waiting room and disabled access. The drive-through drive way makes parking easy. The premises are in a quiet street, ensuring patients have a peaceful and relaxing experience.

My dispensary stocks a large variety of natural herbal medicines and homoeopathic remedies for your convenience.

Working form home enables me to keep consultation fees affordable.

Due to my advanced age I have to cut my working hours and therefore I will not be working in the mornings. I will see new patients only if I think they really need me as my books are closed.

I will also stop giving Relaxing massages.

I am registered with Medibank Private as Health Care Provider only as a Naturopath and therefore I have to advise you that as from April 2019 you won't be able to claim any of my services with Medibank Private. Other Medical funds will accept Remedial massage as a claim.

On Wednesdays I don't work at all due to family commitments 


Mon – Tue + Thu - Fri  2pm – 7pm

    • 1hour - $65


    • 45min - $55


    • 30min - $45


    • 15min - $30


There is no extra charge for initial consultations. The fee is a flat rate, and you pay for the time you spend with me.

To avoid disappointment, it is advisable to make an appointment over the internet a few days ahead as I am usually booked well in advance.
If you need the appointment today, it is better to ring me on 6296 6243 or 0418 499 069 to find out about appointment availability.

Being a Naturopath, I am qualified and specialize in:

Nutrition – I believe in designing individual dietary needs tables as well as recommending supplements that you may require to optimize your health.

Herbalism – is a must for a Naturopath. It allows me to use my knowledge of herbs and apply it in mixing herbal concoctions for various ailments.

Iridology – enables me to diagnose by the iris. The eye is the window to the soul and reflects ones pattern of heath and well being.

Homoeopathy – is considered the safest, yet very powerful way of treatment and is used all over the world. I often use this modality in conjunction with Bach flower remedies to restore patients’ physical and mental health

Massages – are the most popular treatment. My love for people reflects in my touch and together with the application of Reiki, people pronounce me to be a magician! Personally I call myself a healer and my healing is given to me by God. I use all different techniques, depending on the needs of the patient. Sometimes I use acupuncture, for which I am certified. I am also sought for lymphatic drainage and foot reflexology.

Infertility Treatment – can increase the pregnacy rates of people using IVF treatment and convencional methods by using multi-modality approach combining Diet, Nutritional supplements, Acupuncture and Chinese/Western herbs.

I am known for my patience and happy disposition. My clients find me friendly, caring and easy going.

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