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Tap into the power and energy of an ancient Egyptian Isis ritual when you book an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique.

Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique

The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is based on an ancient Egyptian ritual described in the Temple of Isis for “cleansing of the spirit”, and is performed in silence and reverence. The recipient is anointed with 13 different blends of essential oil designed to tap into the emotions.

This ritual is deeply relaxing and the essential oils and bodywork will transport you into a blissful state of “presence”. The beautiful aroma of the essential oils will stimulate memories and emotions, carrying you wherever you need to go to attain a state of clarity and understanding.

The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or with Reiki. It is a beautiful and intuitive way to help yourself or your loved ones to reconnect with the inner self, and gently let go of issues that may be causing emotional and physical challenges.

Why does the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique work?

Your sense of smell triggers the limbic area of your brain, where emotional memories and trauma are stored. The therapeutic-grade essential oils we use exert a powerful balancing effect on the emotions. The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique taps into this concept and combines it with an ancient Egyptian ritual designed to elevate the Spirit.

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