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Nov 2018

Posture Expert, Massage Centre and Yoga Teacher

Contact Name Elena Amani & Paul Delmenico
Mobile 04 0907 8033
Address Weston Creek ACT 2611

Learn the most powerful system to heal yourself!

Posture Expert, Massage Centre and Yoga Therapy Classes.


  • Posture correction is the primary reason behind the removal of pain. Strengthening muscles and simple stretching isn’t the best way to transform the body.

  • Your personal posture is a presentation of your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

  • Our focus is on Neuromuscular activation to enhance the mind to muscle connection. Nerves mobilisation can significantly affect the function of the muscles surrounding joints.

  • Somatic stretch. Through the gentle and slow moving of the body in the most efficient ways, these lessons enable the central nervous system to learn new and improved habits of movement and posture.

  • Isokinetic muscle activation: develop power and strength without having to life any weights. Assists stroke victims, in individuals who have limited use of their muscles.

  • A mindfulness practice and a thoughtful choice of asanas, combined with meditation, breathing, and yoga nidra, are most effective. Become full of strength and vitality, the mind becomes creative, light, and balanced.

  • Yoga therapy is effective according to medical scientists due to the balance it creates in the endocrine and nervous systems which directly influence all the other organs and systems of the body.

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