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Elestial Healing

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Elena Lymbery
Servicing Areas Brisbane
Phone 0447 169 693

Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Tarot cards readings, Sound Healing.

Elestial Healing

Elestial Healing is a unique combination of Energy, Crystal and Sound healing.

Being multi-dimensional in essence, it helps you to reach out for the highest frequency of your being with extreme focus on your purpose in life.

I believe that we all can create truly beautiful lives. The process I use is quite simple & works really well. Whether it is creating radiant health, finding the perfect job or meeting a soul mate, anything is possible! Your perfect life is literally in your hands!

In a treatment we may:
  • Release past emotional trauma
  • Heal & activate your DNA
  • Connect to your higher self & the angelic realm
  • Learn to listen intuitively & trust your inner guidance
  • Align to your highest potential
  • Learn to live with awareness & purpose

Our Treatments

Each session is uniquely designed to meet your individual requirements at the time and may include:

Archetypal card reading:
Archetypes are the language of our soul. We are shown what is likely to happen if we continue upon current path. We can then decide whether it is in our best interest to change our direction or move froward with clear intention.

Energy healing using:
Tibetan crystal bowls, theta music, different crystals including elestial crystals which are one of the unique master crystals that resonate with the Archangelic realm. They have the ability to access the subconscious & the superconscious, providing us with the information we need for our healing & to accelerate our spiritual progress.

Light Frequency Essences:
The vibrational frequency of pristine and sacred geographic sites has been retained in these Essences, helping us to more fully connect with the elemental and spiritual wisdom of the earth and integrate this into our daily lives. These essences were created by Ian White founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Elena's Story

Elena was born in Russia. She holds a Masters Degree in Biology from St. Petersburg University. She later worked in the Russian Academy of Science at the Lake Research Institute.

After moving to Australia, Elena completed a Post Graduate Diploma of Environmental Quality from Griffith University, Queensland.

She then became interested in metaphysics and how we can create our own reality and shape the world around us. For over 12 years Elena has been studying and practicing different natural healing modalities.

These include a Certificate IV in Kinesiology from the Australian College of Natural Medicine, Reiki: Traditional Usui, Sekhem and Karuna; Pranic Healing, NLP, Flower and White Light Essences, Shamanic Studies, Tibetan Crystal Bowls, Sound Healing, Elestial Crystals, Sacred Geometry and Advanced Light Language.

Elena is highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. She loves to use her abilities to assist and empower others through raising their vibration and awareness, to create the life that they choose. She holds manifestation workshops at Womenspace, Kedron, Queensland.


"I write this with deep gratitude to Elena for the beautifully sacred space that she creates for me to be able to heal and transform with ease. She is an exceptional Light Worker and her wisdom and insight have provided me the spiritual unique keys to understand and empower my life."
Sarah Daniels, Natural Therapist, Sunshine Coast

"I always feel very relaxed and grounded after a healing with Elena. The energy of the Elestial crystals is so powerful yet gentle in their nature. I always receive clear messages from Spirit that bring guidance and direction. The White Light essences are working wonders for me and my family. Thank you for the great gift that you share with us."
Ereena Tait, Retail Manager, Capalaba

"Working with Elena in such a relaxed and non-judgmental way has opened up my desire to believe in myself. She has taught me how to connect with my inner truth. I now understand that this is the source of all my solutions, my dreams and my power.
I will always be grateful for Elena’s care and support."

Desleigh Cunningham, Counselling Student, Keperra

"Elena’s empowering energy work has helped me to grow a very successful department in Environmental Management. I have learnt how to attract key staff members and to receive an abundance of funding in a highly competitive sector. Her healing has transformed both my work and my life."
Professor Nelly Bobrovitskaya, Head of the Department, Hydrological Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia


Certificate IV in Remedial Therapies (Kinesiology) from the Australian College of Natural Therapies.
Reiki: Traditional Usui, Sekhem ann Karuna
Pranic Healing, NLP, Flower and White Light Essences, Shamanic Studies, Tibetan Crystal Bowls, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry and Advanced Light Language

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Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Womens Health
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