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Elies Counselling & Consulting we offer practical psychology services to adults, couples & adolescents who are seeking professional support during tough times, and during times of change.

Elies Counselling & Consulting

Focus areas

Grief Self-esteem Motivation Wellness Stress management Habits


Couples Counselling

The Gottsman Method of Couples Therapy

The Gottsman Institute is committed to supporting relationships in crisis and strengthen happy relationships. The Gottsman Method of Couples Therapy uses more than 40 years of research in all areas of relationships.

The Process


Designed to understand where your relationship strengths and challenges are.


The approach is designed to strengthen relationships by:

  • Increasing closeness and intimacy
  • Repair past hurts
  • Strengthen shared goals
  • Change negative conflict patterns
  • Deepen emotional connection
  • Address how to prevent old patterns of behaviour

Relapse Prevention

Old habits sometimes resurface. We go over ways to prevent this and how to deal with it.


Following therapy, one or two sessions are set to see how things are working out. A time to evaluate and share successes.

Adult Counselling

Throughout adulthood life’s pressure such as relationships, work, balancing demands and aspirations, can accumulate to overwhelming stress leading to a variety of mental health challenges or preventing us from reaching our full potential. Counselling can be beneficial to highlight and develop skills in understanding your thoughts, emotions, relationship patterns, communication styles, regulation and problem-solving skills.

Adolescents Counselling

Adolescence is undoubtedly a challenging period with many physical changes in the body and brain and combined with academic and social stresses it can be very difficult. Teenagers who are experiencing emotional distress can benefit from developing an understanding of their experiences and developing healthy regulation skills that help to better control their emotions.

Support for teenagers can include:

  • Improving skills to manage social pressures
  • Help with anxiety, depression, anger, and image concerns
  • Social skills development
  • Preparing for life after high-school

Parenting Programs

The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program helps you to better understand what your child was really asking from you. This program is based on years of research on how secure parent-child relationships can be fostered and enhanced.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding your child’s emotional world by learning to read the emotional needs
  • Support your child’s ability to successfully manage emotions
  • Foster the development of your child’s self-esteem

Suited to parents and/or carers of children aged between 0-12 years old.

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Professional Membership

  • Australian Psychological Society

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