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Cupping + Dry Needling
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Sep 2010

Elite Myotherapy Pty Ltd

Phone 03 9826 2041
Servicing Areas Toorak Balwyn Richmond Prahran Greensborough Hawthorn Carlto
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Elite Myotherapy provides Dry-Needling and Cupping for the relief of musculoskeletal pain. Call to book with us today and our therapists will have you feeling better in no time. Clinics located - Toorak, Balwyn, Richmond, Prahran, Greensborough, Hawthorn East and Carlton

Elite Myotherapy - Cupping + Dry Needling


Cupping involves the application of glass or pyrex vessels to the skin’s surface with suction, mimicking the hand movements used by Myotherapists.  

The suction leads to the skin being lifted slightly away from the muscles. This enables impurities and cellular waste in the muscles and connective tissue to be drawn up and expelled via the pores.

Cupping is carried out in two ways: either the cups are slid up and down the local area being cupped – your skin will be oiled to facilitate a smooth movement, alternatively the cups will be left standing on the skin and not moved. Standing cups may be left in place for anything from a few minutes up to 20 minutes.

The cups may be used almost anywhere – along the spine, on shoulders and shoulder blades, hips, the lower back and over joints – to relieve inflammation and soreness.

For more information about Cupping, visit the Elite Myotherapy website.


Dry-Needling is an ideal modality to augment Myotherapy and a range of other treatments. It is also able to be used as a stand-alone treatment and is an efficient way to release trigger points – the areas of tightness in your muscles, as a result relieving pain.

How does Dry Needling work?

Your therapist will insert a thin acupuncture needle into a 'trigger point' and leave it in place for a few minutes, alternatively, they may locate your trigger point and move the needle in an effort to reproduce the pain you have experienced as a way of deactivating the trigger point. 

It is possible to dry needle many trigger points in one session, facilitating pain relief for up to three to four days following a session – subsequent sessions will continue to improve and the relief experienced will last longer until it is complete.

Although dry needling uses the same needles as an acupuncturist would, it is not the same as Acupuncture. Acupuncture is part of the larger system and tradition of Chinese Medicine. Dry needling is local, whereas Traditional Chinese Medicine is holistic.

For more information about Dry Needling or Cupping or to book, refer to the Elite Myotherapy website or click on one of the buttons below to instantly message us.


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