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The Art of Inner Balance

Kirribilli NSW 2061

The Art of Inner Balance

The Art of Inner Balance

About The Art of Inner Balance.

Practitioner Lorraine Kay.

Lorraine is skilled professional offering the choice of an Energy Therapy Session or the Elixirme Meditation Program.

The Art of Inner Balance was established in 1998. Since then Lorraine has been teaching meditation, working with clients for energy sessions and readings. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner with a Certificate of Spiritual healing, an Advanced Certificate of Spiritual Healing and a Certificate of Astrology. A former special education teacher with extensive teaching experience in a variety of inner city Sydney schools.

After experiencing illness with anxiety it prompted her to develop a meditation/energy program called Elixirme to assist with managing anxiety. This program assisted children, teenagers and adults alike.

In 2009 she began teaching the Elixirme program to senior students in St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney as well as completing several programs at St Aloysius’ College Kirribilli.

The focus now is imparting her skill and knowledge to individual clients rather than large groups.

Energy sessions and meditation are held at her office in Kirribilli, which is only a short walk from Milsons Point Station.

All sessions are uniquely designed for the needs of the individual client and are suitable for all ages with any specific concern targeted.

Energy Therapy Sessions.

Energy therapy is a gentle and non- invasive technique used to clear the human bodies own energy system. Each session is customised for the needs or concerns of the individual. Through rebalancing the human energy fields, the therapy can promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It works at a deep level to restore harmony, energy and balance within the human energy system through channelling universal energy via the hands. It can assist the bodies own natural healing mechanisms. During the session a variety of specific energies are blended into the clients’ energy system focusing on chakras, meridians, nadis and the subtle energy bodies surrounding the physical body. The sessions are peaceful and restorative.


I have been a client of Lorraine’s since 2002 and every experience has been different. The sessions vary from relaxing and healing to profound. I love the flow of energy at her sessions. Her knowledge and insights are amazing. Deb


Meditation is an ancient skill used to clear the mind and create a pathway to the inner self and a deep sense of peace. It has been scientifically proven to assist in restoring overall health and wellbeing. A valuable skill to relieve stress, anxiety, focus, insomnia and other concerns.

The Elixirme Meditation Program was developed and designed by Lorraine Kay, initially to assist herself and then specifically modified to assist her own daughter coping with anxiety and the difficulties of the high school years. The program aims to provide strategies to create a pathway toward changing habits and improving wellbeing.

Each session is specifically designed offering customised individual sessions to focus on the specific needs of the client. This program provides skills to manage and improve stress, anxiety, focus and other concerns.

The Elixirme program has been taught to children, teenagers and adults privately on an individual basis.

The Elixirme program has also been taught to senior students within the school framework.


I began seeing Lorraine in 2007 for private sessions during my final years of high school. It has been because of my sessions with Lorraine that I have been equipped with different tools and techniques to handle my stress and anxiety. I have continued to see Lorraine over the next eleven years and she will cater each session to relieve the cause of whatever anxiety I am dealing with.
I initially began seeing a psychologist for my anxiety but found the setting too clinical and inappropriate for assisting me with my everyday stresses. Lorraine has been a wonderful alternative. She has taught me meditation techniques, put my stress in perspective and after our sessions I feel lighter and less overwhelmed. I cannot speak highly enough of Lorraine and anyone who feels stressed or anxious at times but is unsure how to relax, Lorraine will be a wonderful support .Sophie.


Reiki is a Japanese word representing universal life force. It is an ancient art of hands on healing, promoting the bodies ability to heal itself. It can assist in the relief of a variety of concerns. Reiki therapy aims to improve health, wellbeing and enhance the quality of life through the channelling of pure universal energy.

A holistic treatment, where the body, emotions, mind and spirit are all engaged creating a beneficial effect including relaxation, feelings of peace and or refreshment.

The treatment follows a traditional pattern of hand placements, resting without pressure gently on or above the body.


I have always found Lorraine’s Reiki sessions to be a great way for me to de-stress. Lorraine creates an atmosphere of nurture and peace where I can chill out and rebalance.
Can’t recommend her enough. Jack.

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