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Professional Counselling & Coaching

Lynne McGuire Counselling & Life Coaching

Welcome to Lynne McGuire Counselling & Life Coaching

How Counselling can help

Counsellors listen without judgement & work with you to help you find:

  • The cause or trigers for a problem, or problem behaviour

  • Solutions/strategies and ways to cope

  • Resources or other services if you need them.

No issue is too big or too small.

Counsellors can help with:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression

  • Loneliness

  • Parenting issues

  • Negative feelings and suicidal thoughts

  • Relationship or family issues

About Me

I work as a Professional Trauma Counsellor for a Non-Government Organisation.

My aim in setting up my own practice is for it to operate outside my regular working hours - weekends, to allow appointment times for people who are employed or otherwise unavailable 8-4pm Monday to Fridays.

I am available by phone, to discuss whether you feel I am a good fit for your needs in Counselling.



Counselling is a process where the counsellor is a contractor (contracted by you), to work along side you to repair areas of your relationship or life which are causing you pain or giving you stress. Counselling tools include their qualifications and membership to professional bodies (this gives you some guarantee that they will cause no harm and refer on to specialist services if they are not able to assist you in the way you require). Other tools are essential also, such as their relationship development and enhancement skills, empathetic regard, respect, supportive intention, skill and experience.

Life Coaching

Life coaching will give you the space and time to think through your challenges and options. Sometimes simply putting language around a feeling, belief or problem begins to assist our 'logical' brain to help us think in a more balanced, less reactive/chaotic way about issues and begin to plan changes.

You can use your life coach as a sounding board for your ideas or plans, like your business plan, what to put in a presentation, how to have a successful interview, how to start a new hobby, your new fitness regime; the list is endless.

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Lynne McGuire Counselling & Life Coaching