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Embracing Health
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Embracing Health

Welcome to Embracing Health

Whether you are suffering with a chronic illness, are feeling tired, stressed and run-down, are wanting to know more about detoxification or emotional healing, or are on the search for health information that can change your life, you have found the right place!

At Embracing Health we understand that health and healing is much more than just a diet – even a Raw Food Diet. So we have put together a number of products and information services to guide you to the answers you need to, to create the health you desire.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Leisa Wheeler and I am a Naturopath who has spent many years specialising in Fatigue, Adrenal and Thyroid Dysfunction, Raw Food Detoxification, Food as Medicine, and the Emotional Aspects of Healing.

Leisa Wheeler, proven Health and Healing Mentor and Raw Food Coach, is the founder and director of Embracing Health, a business dedicated to bringing you health information that can change your life.

With personal excellence in all areas the ultimate goal (health, personal development, relationships and financial); a search began that encompassed learning in a variety of modalities and developed into a passion. From diet and nutrition, physical fitness and emotional release work; to hands-on healing, meditation, self-development, and metaphysics; ultimately lead Leisa to qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy, Electrotherapy and Massage.

As a naturopath Leisa specialises in thyroid, adrenal and hormonal issues and will be developing a lecture series around these topics for later in 2011. She currently speaks at local Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia support groups.

Leisa’s goal is to empower and inspire people with knowledge to make change in their lives so that they can experience better physical, emotional and spiritual health. She enjoys mentoring people through their health challenges by educating them about raw food, food as medicine and the emotional aspects of healing.

Health Mentoring

Health Mentoring is available to assist you in making healthful changes to your life. Whether it is guidance on transitioning to a more raw foods or whole foods diet, advice on nutrition or supplements, detoxification strategies, or on healing a specific illness or disorder - our naturopath Rhianna Smith is available one day per week for consultations via phone or Skype.

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Leisa Wheeler, founder of Embracing Health, is proud to announce the creation of a fresh, innovative style of luxury health retreat. Departing from the rigid ways of “right” and “wrong” which have pervaded the older mind-sets of healing, Leisa has brought to life a new approach to the concept of a healing retreat – designing a program that empowers participants with knowledge that opens them to a higher awareness of what healing really means.

This is the health retreat experience you have been looking for. A chance to escape from the world; to rest and relax. To take time out; to learn about good food and what it means for your health. To connect with like-minded people and be inpsired with new knowledge. And most importantly, to get back a sense of peace, a true sense of self, that can be lost in a busy life.

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