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Emerging Health

Servicing area: Nundah, Brisbane, Queensland

Connect with your Soul and Source to align with your true Self.

Emerging Health

Everyone has a story to tell...

Uellan is a caring energy practitioner who helps you to rediscover your balance.  Each session, she connects Soul to Soul with you, being lead to the areas that need healing and tools to use.  Crystals, oils, essences and sounds  are just some of these healing agents your Soul may choose to help clear your energy system.  Come along and experience hands on healing with your Angels.    Feel lighter and deeply relaxed.  

Using a unique combination of Kinesiology, Crystal Therapy, Bush Flower Essences and Energy Healing, Uellan creates a safe space for you to relax deeply into your healing.  Your Sould may take the healing to harboured emotions and belief systems, to the release of others in your field or to a deep release of long held patterns of behaviour.

Uellan takes the time to care. You are never rushed off the table, left alone or finished before your healing is completed, with most sessions taking between 1 to 1 1/2 hours. You always have time to talk through your issues, and you are given practical ideas to turn your life around. Wouldn't you like to return to balance, joy and inner peace?


We are a Covid safe practice.  Please bring your own water to your session.  All linen is freshly laundered and hard surfaces disinfected.

IF you do not feel safe or live too far away, Uellan does REMOTE healings over the phone.  As energy is accessible anywhere, these healings have the same effect as if you come in for the session.

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What others have experienced

Each person has their own inner journey back to balance. Here are just a few of the journeys Uellans clients have taken since 1999 when she first started her healing practice.

I have found a warm sense of inner peace during my sessions with Uellan.

I have found Uellan patient and knowing. Her gentleness and caring have helped me relax and work with her with my healings. I have become a regular client with Uellan as I have found her technique works well with me.

Since Uellan's visit, both Vic and I feel our business prospects have turned around and the future is definitely looking more positive. We have cleaned out some of the baggage and the burden has lifted.
Susan and Vic

I have found Uellan's healing sessions to be deeply relaxing and calming. Afterwards I feel refreshed and re-vitalised and after two sessions, the benefits were heightened. I feel stronger within myself and more alive.

After suffering from years of substance abuse, I thought life had nothing to offer. My heart was thick with sadness and sorrow; I had given up on the world and sadly, myself. That is when I met Uellan, a remarkable woman, willing to give her time and wisdom to help turn my life around. She showed me love, warmth and compassion, free from judgement of my past. She accepted Me for Me, something no one has done before.

Uellan had faith and belief that I was capable of conquering my addiction and from that, I gained strength in myself to turn over a new page. She offered empowering advice and had practical skills to implement into my daily life. These skills have broken down the long held patterning of my mind and helped me to rebuild and re-programme my beliefs of myself.

After three visits, I am currently free from my drug addiction and self-doubt. My life is becoming more fulfilling and content; I am now finding happiness from within myself instead of from external pleasures.

None of this would have been possible if not for the help of Uellan, her positive reinforcements, her wise advice and ongoing support. She has changed my life forever. No words can describe the gratitude I feel. Uellan has touched my heart forever and I thank her for all she has done.


Book a session with Uellan now by calling 0409 614 929

Enjoy your journey,

Cost: $100 per session

Qualification details

Kinesiology 1998 Crystal Therapy Australian Bush Flower Essences.

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