Emotional Clearing with EFT

Peter Graham, EFT Master

Perth WA 6000

Servicing area: Perth and surrounding suburbs

Emotional Clearing with EFT
The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a remarkably flexible and effective technique that is an invaluable tool for the journey of life and also for personal & spiritual growth. It can be easily self-applied and/or used with others. A professional EFT certification program is also available in Australia. Introductory to advanced EFT workshops and also private EFT Sessions are available.

Emotional Clearing with EFT


Drawing on several decades of experience and research, I offer a range of services (counselling, training and relationship coaching) that effectively address the emotional personal issues that individuals encounter in life. My contact details are at the bottom of this page. The underlying purpose of my work is to facilitate personal and spiritual growth. I am an EFT Master Practitioner certified by Gary Craig and I'm also a certified EFT Trainer. - Peter Graham.

About Peter Graham

My Background and Experience: I was trained and worked as a counsellor in the 1970's and 80's, and I also trained and supervised counsellors. I moved on from that period and have been involved in emotional clearing and relationship coaching during most of the time since then (in both a full time and part time capacity). I came across the Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) in November 2000 and, soon thereafter, EFT became my primary technique. I have been an EFT practitioner and trainer ever since. EFT still continues and develop.

EFT Workshops & Sessions

What is EFT? The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are highly effective emotional clearing techniques with tapping on certain acupoints at the core of all its applications. EFT is often called "the tapping technique" and is used world-wide by hundreds of thousands of people (both professional and lay people) to effectively heal emotional issues and to enhance personal growth. Once learnt, the simple EFT tapping technique can be easily self-applied.

Services Available: Introductory to advanced EFT workshops (Levels 1 to 3 and beyond); training EFT practitioners and certification programs; private one-on-one sessions; relationship coaching (for individuals or couples); and also speaking engagements. I regularly deliver EFT workshops. I also do private EFT sessions and have trained certified EFT practitioners. I am available to do EFT trainings anywhere in Western Australia and also in nearby countries (conditions apply).

The EFT Workshops

  • The introductory Level 1 EFT Workshop - (one day)
  • The foundational Level 2 EFT Workshop (plus can optionally lead to practitioner Level 2 certification) - (two days)
  • The advanced Level 3 EFT Workshop (which can optionally lead to advanced EFT practitioner certification) - (three days)
  • An introduction to the Basics of Counselling (one & a half days)
  • The Personal Empowerment EFT Workshop (for personal growth) with Level 2 as its pre-requisite (one & a half days).

    The introductory Level 1 EFT Workshop for beginners is held every one or two months in Perth. The EFT tapping technique is easy to learn and can be self-applied. Attendees learn its theory and background and the full EFT tapping technique, observe demonstrations of EFT, and personally experience having and using EFT. They also get excellent documentation. It is the beginning of a wonderful adventure and you will have this fantastic tool for the rest of your life. EFT can be used with and blends well with many other modalities and techniques.

    Levels 1 and 2 are suitable for anyone and everyone, including those who will only be self-applying EFT. Levels 1 and 2 teach the main EFT skills. Those who will be using EFT with others can develop their EFT skills further by also doing Level 3, plus (if they want to use EFT professionally) can go through the EFT certification programs for Levels 2 and 3.

    The advanced Personal Empowerment EFT Workshop (developed by me) is a special-purpose EFT workshop which teaches advanced self-applications of EFT (which are also used by serious practitioners).

    Other Workshops and Services

    The introduction to the Basics of Counselling workshop teaches the fundamentals of counselling which is most useful for those who want to learn EFT and be more able to use it seriously or professionally.
  • Qualification Details

    EFT Master Practitioner certified by the EFT developer Gary Craig in 2007 (www.eftmastersworldwide.com), and certified EFT Trainer & Trainer of Trainers (www.aamet.org). There are only three certified (by Gary) EFT masters in Australia.

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