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Understanding the origins of pain, bringing love and updated self worth is one of the keys to emotional solutions. My goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Emotional Solutions


For over 20 years I have been studying and working in Mindfulness & Holistic Health. Through Holistic Counselling, Mentoring, Life coaching and Timeline therapy (a form of hypnosis) where you are empowered and conscious. Understanding and possibly healing Physical and Mental Health challenges and facilitating Guided Meditation classes. With my extensive background in not only our physical body but our emotinal/mental and energy body (chakras) has paved the path for me to help you heal from the inside out. Utilising Energy Healing and timeline processes I have helped myself and thousands of people of all ages / walks of life ranging from emotional to physical including back pain, headaches, depression, life changes, spiritual awareness/understanding, soul searching, living with purpose & peace and achieving the goals they had when they walked into the room. As an empath, with many sensitivities myself I have personal experience in understanding how to utilise our extra sensors as tools and gifts in our daily lives. Usually time spent in isolation from others heightens our sensors and makes us reasses. Many people are starting on a blank canvas in life after the big changes of 2020, which can be uncomfortable and difficult to get into a groove again. Your session with me can be relaxing and rejuvinating and enlightening, in addition give you an opportunity to learn for yourself... techniques to navigate through stressfull or emotional times and manage your own energy and how you are effected by others. Simple processes to de-stress and revitalise especially usefull to top your energy in the afternoon slump and to disconnect from the day.

Some of the health challanges I assist to heal include: Anxiety



Mental Health (suicidal times)



           Headaches/migraines/neck/back body aches


            Low Self Esteem / Self Worth

Pain or discomfort in our body or life has a purpose, a message, the suffering gets our attention. I work with you to anchor in the empowered wise you, ushering you out of the experiences of guilt, blame, pain and drama (victim) to being able to connect to the message in your hurt. Enabling you to see the bigger picture/silver lining behind the suffering. Bringing love, empowerment and updated self worth to the time in yourself where and when the trigger originated is the key.

Together we attain greater understanding, peace, awareness and clarity around your life. My intention is to help you to achieve your every day wellbeing needs and your bigger life goals.

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Psychosomatics & Holistic Counselling Spiritual Psychic Release Therapy Meditation & Spiritual Development (Mindfulness) Ericksonian Hypnosis (time line regression) Neuro-Linguistic Programming MA Results Coach Neurological repatterning Lightworker Pleiadian (Ancient) Healing Reiki Master

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Emotional Solutions