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Sue Dawson

Registered Somatic Psychotherapist and Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner

Certified Facial Harmony Practitioner

Emotional Wellbeing Centre - Sue Dawson

Sue Dawson provides support for her client’s emotional wellbeing through:

  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Facial Harmony
  • Kinesiology
  • BioDynamic Massage
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Metamorphosis

and her more than 20 years experience and research in these and other modalities

Sue supports her clients to regain their own emotional wellbeing in response to their issues of trauma and stress, anxiety and depression grief and loss, assistance with relationship issues, self-esteem and pain management.


      MHSc. Grad DipHA. Dip Somatic Psychotherapy. Cert. Nursing. Cert. Midwifery

      Registered Somatic Psychotherapist PACFA: 21435

      Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner AKA: 1083

      Certified Facial Harmony Practitioner

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See Also...

Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy an emotional focused therapy & relationship counselling to improve body awareness & develop vitality, aliveness & movement that encourages you to explore issues that you want to address using the whole 'body' response as well as your conscious awareness.

Facial Harmony

The muscles and tissues of your face wear the accumulation of your emotional interaction with your life's experiences. Facial Harmony is a gentle non-invasive healing experience.

Kinesiology for Stress Management & Emotional Healing

Kinesiology / muscle monitoring enables the client to understand their patterns of behaviour and with this insight, effectively make positive new choices and changes.

Therapeutic Touch Healing (TT)

The Emotional Wellbeing Centre offers Therapeutic Touch, a contemporary energy healing technique designed to rebalance the body's flow of innate energy for stress & anxiety management, as well as pain relief & relaxation.

Metamorphic Technique for Personal Transformation

Eltham's Emotional Wellbeing Centre offers Metamorphic Technique, a healing modality providing gentle release for instinctual behaviour patterns.

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