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"At the end, someone or something always gives up. It is either you give up and quit or the obstacle or failure gives up and makes way for your success to come through.” “At the very moment when people underestimate you is when you can make a POSITIVE BREAKTHROUGH.”

Welcome to Positive Breakthorughs, we know that you have the ability to triumph over any obstacle and make the positive breakthrough you are seeking in your life. 

About Positive Breakthroughs- Coaching & Counselling

How Working With Us Can Help You. 

Do you sometimes feel that there ought to be more to your life than this? Are you lacking a sense of direction? Perhaps you have a vision but no plan, or you’re stressed and procrastinating about which way to go? The way that you think and your mindset could be the barrier that is stopping you from living the life you want.

Life Coaching can help build confidence, overcome blocks to success, achieve goals and improve your quality of life. Gain clarity and confidence and start changing your life today.

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Life Coaching and Counselling can be useful in helping you address many areas of your life. Wherever you are stuck or blocked, and any areas that you’re unsure of or changes you would like to make, Life Coaching & Counselling can be the perfect choice to help you move forward towards a happier life.

Are you struggling with your relationships or are unfulfilled at home? Would you like to perform more effectively at work or achieve a better work/life balance? Do you need help finding your purpose in life and live authentically?

Whether in your personal life, in your career, here are just some of the issues where Life Coaching can help you achieve real change:

  • Manage the stress and anxiety of Covid 19 Global Pandamic 
  • Manage Fatigue from Covid 19 Global Pandamic Anxiety 
  • Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem 
  • Perform better at work
  • Find your purpose and a career you love
  • Learn to manage and deal with stress
  • Improve relationships
  • Learn to draw healthy boundaries
  • Improve your work / life balance
  • Manage people effectively
  • Developing your own business
  • Master public speaking
 We specialise in : 
  • Self-esteem & confidence 
  • Life purpose & career direction 
  • Procrastination & perfectionism 
  • Relationship issues & breakups 
  • Dating blocks & confidence 
  • Addictions & bad habits 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Personal goals 
  • Resilience and stress management 
  • Work-life balance & well-being 
  • Limiting beliefs 
  • Phobias & irrational fear 
  • Entrepreneurship 


1. Clarifying Goals

Your Life Coach will employ a range of questions and exercises to help you identify and clarify your own personal goals. From getting a new job to changing career, planning an adventure to finding a new relationship, the first step is to decide what it is you want to focus on.

2. Taking Steps Forward

The next coaching phase helps you break down your goals into achievable steps. You will be given tasks and exercises to enable you to complete the steps needed to reach your goals. This format helps you establish a track record of success to stand on, as you progress forward.

3. Overcoming Roadblocks

Your Coach will use a number of questions and techniques to help you identify blocks and adopt different strategies to remove them. At Empowering Coaching & Counselling, our Life Coaches are also fully trained psychotherapists, which allows us to offer an integrated coaching approach with counselling and psychotherapy to help you fully understand and address the root causes of any problematic blocks.

And because we know that some people can find it difficult to maintain motivation, change and achievement, especially at the end of a course of Life Coaching alone, at Empowering Coaching & Counselling we combine coaching with additional therapies which can enable you to achieve changes you can maintain, for life.

4. Now is the time to

  • Develop mental toughness
  • Overcome self-doubt and fears
  • Develop a winning mindset
  • Discover what's holding you back
  • Discover and exploit your strengths
  • Find focus and direction
  • Make clear-headed decisions
  • Lead with confidence
  • Reach your goals

Our coaching sessions are engaging and power-packed, and are known to produce the desired results.


Liza Pavlakos is a successful businesswoman, philanthropist, international speaker, and a qualified psychotherapist, executive coach and corporate advisor with extensive experience in strategy, entrepreneurship, and leadership development.

Her life reads like an incredibly inspiring success story. Sheer grit and courage, besides resilience and an innate business sense, helped her transcend the worst adversities to emerge as a self-made, successful entrepreneur. Today, it is her life's mission to empower others to bring about positive changes in their own lives, become the best they can be, and achieve their goals.

As a keynote and motivational speaker, she has addressed and inspired thousands worldwide being invited to international events and conventions focused on leadership, mindset change, and personal growth, such as the WIN Summit in New York. She partners with corporations to address their specific challenges and motivate their teams to adopt a new approach to problem-solving, productivity, leadership, goal setting, and achieving targets.

Having walked the talk, Liza is both the message and the catalyst, helping people live more rewarding lives. She has been featured on CNN and BBC as a thought leader from Australia and as an inspirational achiever on other media platforms around the globe.

Today, Liza is represented by some of the leading speaker bureaus in the world including the London Speaker Bureau, Big Speak Bureau, Saxton Speaker Bureau, and more.


Qualification details

Liza is an ICF-Credentialled coach having qualified as Executive Master Coach ICF . She is also a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach. Liza is a Global Keynote Speaker with extensive experience in Entrepreneurship.

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