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 Positive Breakthroughs EAP commits to support employees and their families who may be going through difficulties with their mental health.


Welcome to Positive Breakthroughs

What is EAP? 

Employee Assistance program or EAP is an employer-funded service, which gives employees access to free and confidential counseling and advice services. For employers who wish to provide genuine mental health support, EAP is the most tangible and effective solution. 


The Positive Breakthroughs EAP approach combines Executive Coaching and counseling Services, which provides a cost-effective way of raising awareness on mental health issues in the workplace. This helps managers and employees look after each other. 

Welcome to Positive Breakthroughs EAP. 



Positive Breakthroughs EAP recognizes the fact that early identification of problems, by the employees themselves, or other concerned individuals, can reduce the negative impact on work performance. Resolving some of the major employee difficulties via Positive Breakthroughs’ individually-tailored EAP Service greatly assists in achieving a more happy and balanced outlook necessary for an organization to perform at the highest level. 


Employee Mental Health

Taking care of your employees’ mental health

Regardless of age, background or role in life, everyone goes through difficulties from time to time — whether emotional, legal, financial, or work-related. 

Positive Breakthroughs EAP commits to support employees and their families who may be going through difficulties with their mental health — some of which can be complex and debilitating.

As a business owner, one has a moral and legal responsibility to ensure safety and fairness in the workplace. Creating a mentally healthy workplace has many benefits for both employers and employees. Programs that are supportive of employee mental health and wellness can lead to increased employee engagement, lower absenteeism, and overall productivity. Here at Positive Breakthroughs EAP, we are here to support your employees. 

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Positive Breakthroughs Employee Assistance Program