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About Me
Member since
Apr 2018

Kelli Hurley Energy Healer/Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach

Contact Name Kelli Hurley
Mobile 0419703360
Address Upper Coomera QLD 4209
Servicing Areas Gold Coast Queensland

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About Kelli Hurley Energy Healer/Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach

About Me

Hi, I’m Kelli, a Mother of 2 beautiful young boys based on the Gold Coast.

I’ve been a Energy Therapist for over 6 years. It’s a extension of who I am, my passion and soul purpose. I have a strong calling to help guide others to a happier, more fulfilling life and to find their essences, while balancing the mind, body and soul.

I mainly work in Reiki, Energy Massage, Chakra rebalancing, body attunement and run ”Be Free” workshops.

In my Energy Therapy treatments I combine Reiki, colour therapy, crystal therapy, meridian points (energy medicine), music, grounding and polarised touch techniques. As we are all individual beings, everybody's needs and treatments vary depending on that individual, this giving a more personalised healing experience.

Treatments ‘may’ improve various things like:

Physical energy, raise your vibration, balance chakras, energy flow through body, health, pain, insecurities, sleep, anxiety, promote the body natural immune system, increase the immune system, increase recovery from surgery, confidence, emotions, mental clarity, happiness, align mind/body/soul and more. It varies person to person.

In body attunement I look at the deep energy blocks or emotional energy blocks held within the body and subconscious and release these. Blocked energy manifests into sickness of the physical body and mind, Therefore Body Attunement is powerful at helping remove the root causes of an illness. 

During a Body Attunement treatment we work at improving hydration, oxygenation, mineralisation, ionisation, sweeping through the aura, then work on the endocrine system of ductless glands that serve as specific Vibrational portals and balance the energy flow through these gateways, as well as organs, chakras, meridians which greatly enhance the state of health and wellbeing of the patient. 

I have diplomas in Vibrational Medicine, Life Coaching, Diet and Nutrition, Numerology and Certificate 2 in Reiki. I also have Cert 5 in Vet Nursing and a certificate in Body Attunement.

I run short day workshops - “Be Free” - assisting people to release emotional blocks, energy blocks, releasing things that do not serve them, rebalancing mind, body, soul and improving mind chatter, dissolving belief systems.

My workshops cover many topics like; self love, universal laws, self-talk, beliefs/values, clearing the mind, protection techniques, cord cutting, key points, creating focus, meditation, cleansing and more! I give you the techniques to see the flags of the blocks for ongoing personal development.


Thank you Kelli, as someone new to working on my emotional and energy blocks, I got so much from this. Ways to ground myself, meditations to help... - Sarah Brewer

Hi everyone,  I recently got in contact with Kelli Hurley for a healing. Kelli was very professional and welcoming me into her house and... - Ben Smith

What more can I say other than Kelli is truly amazing she's so friendly caring and compassionate and definitely has so much healing energy within her.... - Kerrie Cary

As we are Spiritual Energy beings we need to utilise our Energy systems and Spirituality to be healthy and balanced. Love that this page is inspiring,... - Kelli Hurley

Qualification Details

Reiki, Energy Massage, Life Coaching, Vibrational Medicine, Diet and Nutrition, Cert 5 Vet Nursing, Numerology, Animal Communications, Animal Remedial Massage, Body Attunement. Currently studying Energy Medicine.