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Restoring your health and wellbeing entails the balancing of your four energy fields.

QuadTrinity Therapy

Servicing area

Melbourne VIC & Tumbarumba NSW. Also available for remote consultations.

Focus areas

Nurturing Reconnection Hypnotherapist Nervous system Stress management Well-being

What is QuadTrinity Therapy?

Energetic FX assists people in Melbourne VIC as they search for the path to their goals via QuadTrinity Therapy. This is a type of Quantum medicine that balances a person's four energy fields, namely the physical, mental, emotional and soul. 

In his QuadTrinity Method Training Manual, Marco da Silva Paulo, founder of the QuadTrinity Clinic Method, said the goal of therapy is to improve one's sense of self-worth through information and energy. The tool used to achieve best results is called DLE (Dynamic Labile Equilibrium).

The DLE allows a patient to see the connection of events in their life and link it to informational reality. This makes it easier for the patient and therapist to understand the developments in the therapy session, and the role of energy and information in the whole process.

We label this process as Reset wherein the therapist breaks patterns, cycles, and processes that make the patient lose connection with their inner self. In doing so, new and better patterns and processes can be created.

When you come for a QuadTrinity therapy session, your therapist will first analyse your four energy fields and apply energetic and informational medicine to generate change in the flow of your energy. This will then result in an interference in the imbalanced field.

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