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Energetic Wellness

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Energetic Wellness

NES Health is a safe non-invasive, comprehensive energetic health assessment. 

Energetic Wellness - NES Health


The three section process expects to re-establish your body's vitality fields and correction information. NES Pro-Vision scans the Human Body Field, basically by setting your hand on the body field scanner, the sweep which takes seconds will distinguish the blockages and contortions in the stream of vitality and data in your body and decide the need for amending them.

NES Health has been effective in supporting people with many health concerns including:


    • Allergies


    • Depression


    • Epilepsy


    • Hormone balance


    • Mental Clarity/ Memory Issues


    • Pain reduction 


    • ADD/ADHD


    • Dementia


    • Food Sensitivities


    • Immune system regulation


    • Metabolism regulation


    • Repressed & blocked emotions


    • Autism


    • Skin rashes/ Dermatitis


    • Fatigue (inc chronic)  


    • Insomnia


    • Multiple Sclerosis


    • Stress


    • Blood Sugar regulation issues


    • Digestive Problems


    • Hypothyroid issues


    • Irritable bowel disorder


    • Nerve damage

The human body-field is a complex, structured network of fields that interpenetrates the physical body and underlies all physiology and can most simply be explained as an exploration of the energetic and informational structure of the body that underlies its biochemistry. 


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