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HYPNOTIC INTERVENTION FOR THE CANCER JOURNEY A cancer diagnosis creates intense emotions. Feelings such as anxiety depression and worry are completely understandable. Our mission is to empower and provide support and assistance to those going through the cancer journey.

Hypnotic intervention for cancer journey

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Perth, Claremont and Bunbury or via Zoom

Focus areas

Telehealth Anxiety Weight management Self-esteem Tiredness Stress management


Patients with cancer will experience specific symptoms upon being told their diagnosis. These may include anxiety, stress, depression, fear, and loss of control. Hypnosis can alleviate these symptoms. Patients about to begin chemotherapy or radiation therapy may find that hypnotherapy can drastically reduce or eliminate the side effects of these treatments such as nausea, tiredness. Hypnotherapy can help patients relax, and better cope with treatment and pain.


  • Reduced pain and stress associated with cancer itself.

  • A decrease in the after-effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments

  • Improved mental state with less stress, less anxiety, and the feeling of greater control and acceptance of the situation

  • Better postsurgical response measured as a decrease in pain requiring less medication, less tiredness, and faster healing from the surgery itself.

Hypno-Oncology Practitioners do not treat cancer or offer advice on treatment.  Hypno-Oncology is an adjunct therapy to assist those going through the cancer journey. It is not a replacement for the treatment or advice given to you by your qualified medical and health professionals.

However, practitioners can assist with the psychological wellbeing and potentially dealing with areas such as treatment side effects of those going through the cancer journey.

Hypno-Oncology is the therapeutic use of hypnosis and psychological techniques with those going through the cancer journey.

Hypno-Oncology has been employed for all aspects of the cancer journey including:

Anxiety, fear, and worry are common emotions that can be worked with.
Pre & post-surgery Hypno-oncology could improve outlook & outcomes.

Experimental areas such as guided visualization techniques and working with the immune system psychologically.

And so much more!

You can be assured when consulting with me that you will be in safe, ethical, professional hands.

 There is a multitude of academic research papers espousing the usefulness and efficiency of Hypno-Oncology.

Please call Marie on 0478 821 134 for a 15-minute free telephone consultation for more information.


2 Services


$220 Per session

This is a single session suited for those who wish to experience hypnotherapy as an adjunct to their existing medical treatment. This one session focuses on establishing deep relaxation both mind and body, then experimental areas such as guided visualizat


11hr 40min
$850 Per course

Seven Sessions Hypnotic intervention for the cancer journey


  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Professional Membership

  • Australian Hypnotherapists' Association

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