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Lymphatic Drainage

South Morang as well

129A Canterbury rd
Blackburn VIC 3130

Servicing area: Lymphatic Drainage massage in Blackburn & South Morang

Focus area: Lymphatic congestion Lymphatics Weight management ...

Lymphatic Drainage massage with Lymphologist to removing inflammation, fat & pain.

One-stop-shop, a consultation covers everything you need to know about removing inflammation & regenerating your body.

Mental. Nutritional & Physical laws of health

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Blackburn

Leaky Gut healed in 4 hours

Balance Hormons 

Heal Thyroid

MTHFR gene   

Cellulite, fat weight loss

Anxiety Depression PTSD 

Remove line, wrinkles, Collagen mask facial 

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis solutions 

Scoliosis Back pain treatments

Auto-Immune Lupus etc

Lyme Disease 



Personal training Pilates  

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Certified Lymphologist Clinical Pilates Masseur Personal Trainer

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Lymphatic Drainage